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Waters breaking!!!

Hi, Can u tell wen ur waters r going 2 break.? Im working rite up 2 2weeks b4 im due and am worried it will happen while im at work? x


  • Hi there Rach, when my waters broke it first felt like I was wetting myself-because they didn't just gush out like you see on the telly (altough that does happen!) It was because my hind waters went and just felt like a continuous leaking so I needed to put a towel on before I went to hospital. There are very few warnings by the way, I did have a 'show' earlier that day but no cramping or anything until after they went, I was brushing my teeth at the time!!!!! Good luck hun! amy x
  • LOL I remember the leggings! They're back in fashion now!

    My waters didn't break!! I was 2 days overdue with my first, in labour - 8cm dilated, had no show (nothing came out from there!) Then the midwife said she had to break my waters to get things moving along.

    So you might be luck enough to avoid any embarressment in work!!
    Good luck xx
  • i am afraid to say i have no warnings it was 2weeks 2days b4 my dd when all of a sudden my waters when mine came out slowly like i was peeing myself lol then as i got to the loo had a big gush lol then i knew he was on the way hopefully wont happen at work plus dont worry bout embarressment at work when you have a baby you pick you self respect up after lo has come out lol your be fine x x x xdont worry x xx x its all fun x x
  • i also had no warning, i got up to go the toilet at about 5am did a widdle and just as i was getting on to my brand new 2day old bed my waters gushed everywere, i was shoked as it was my first and they went at 37weeks(thought id b late) lol.
    i would try not to worry about waters going in work hun, at the end of the day you are having a baby its not like you can hold it i, if they go they go lol,im sure you will b ok.
    About eight percent of women at term rupture membranes before labor so they may not go naturaly before labour starts anyway.

  • hi i was having contractions for 24 hours before i had a pop and a gush! qall down my tracky bottoms and my mum started screaming for my husband who was asleep as we all been up all night he promptly threw up and they all running round like headless chickens! baby didnt arrive for another 17 hours lol!!! xxx
  • i know how it feels to have long labour waters broke at 5am the monday, got pains monday night tuesday i was in agony daughter was born on the thursday at 1.25pm so it was a long slow labour lol. lucky my baby didnt get a infection cause of it beeing soo long after waters braking.

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