starting to stress!!!

Up untill a few weeks ago i thought we were doing really well with what we had got for baby etc.

But know I am not so sure I seem to be stressing about the stuff we haven't got yet and the fact that the council are re doing our house at minute they started off with someone in every day to get it done now becasue it's nearly finished it just feels like they can't be arsed to finnish it but I am itching to get it all decorated etc before baby comes and put up my cot funiture etc.

I am just being a hormonal inpetient cow or does anyone else feel like this too.

I drove to meadowhell this morning My OH works there and It just seemed like everyone was driving slow and getting in my way too Had to slam my brakes on three times for idiots that decided to change lane with out indicating right in front of me.

sorry for ranting!!!


  • Bloody Hormones!!!!!!!
    I know exactly how you feel, i've always been quite a calm person, but I seem to attract every prat on the road at the moment (usually a bloody man!!!) everything seems to wind me up!!!!
    I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt printed saying -

    "Pregnant and hormonal - approach with caution"
    Its nice to know that i'm not the only one that feels like this..........:evil:
  • lol so its not just me trying to start hormonal warfare with the world halluyah
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