50 Days to go!

Oh I feel a ramble coming on so apologies in advance but i'm really excited!
I love the countdown thingy on this even though obviously we can't predict the exact date our babies will decide to make an apperance but this at least gives me something to concentrate on & i've just noticed I only have 50 days until the baby is due!!!!
Is it just me or does that seem really short? I've been counting down in weeks but of course 7 weeks sounds so much longer than 50 days!
I finish work at the end of the month so i'm really on a countdown for everything- anyone else this excited or am I a bit mental? image

Lauren (33wks) xoxox :lol:


  • 79 days for me. its gone so quick. i live in manchester and weve had some lovely sunny weather the last few days which is making me feel wonderful ( like summer is here) it feels like the days are passing much faster for some reason
  • hi, i have 54 days to go im so excited to its scary as well baby is measuring 5wks ahead so mayb early XxX
  • I am just as excited, I have 76 days left! But when you put it like it is - 10 weeks & 4 days - it seems like forever. Hurry up and cook baby. Lol xxx
  • i know what u mean everytime i log on here i get excited i have 91 days to go, and its going quite fast only the other day it said 100 days!!!
  • It's great! I just hope I don't end up going over due & am logging on to it telling me my baby is 5 days old when it's still in my belly!
    Roll on 3rd April whoo hoo lol image
  • I've just put exactly the same thing on the April forum, it's soooo exciting, can't wait now! xxx
  • 127days left here and i'm fed up and want it to speed up not enjoying the probs i have ontop of preg probs image mine seems to be dragging feels like i been pregnant over a year! lol only 5 months *sighs* someone save me please!
  • 63 days to go for me image and thats 9wks hopefully hell arrive early or on time my 1st i had to b induced and dnt want that again.
    abbie,hope +bluebump 31wks
  • got 68 days to go! seems ot be going quicker for me since i've been seeing mw every 2 weeks rather than every 4. roll on 21st april!! (it's my due date but i think he's going to be early!) so technically even less time!!! image

  • hi im at 100 days to go today and im so excited so i can only imagine how excited you are! i am stay at home mum with my 3 year ld so sometimes feel that the time drags in, but this means im well on the way x
  • I've got 14 days to go, and im starting to get scared now. The days seem to go so fast! XXX
  • 14 Days?! Two weeks!!! I am proper jealous!

    I bought my cot last night & now i've only a few things left to get so it's making me even more anxious to meet baby so I can go shopping for either boy or girl clothes.

    PS Is anyone else's pregnancy craving shopping???? image
    Lauren (33+2) xoxo
  • Aw it's not fair - I want to be 50 days left! Actually 7 weeks sounds less time to me - I think I'd be going into panic mode -washing lo's clothes, repacking hospital bag, cleaning the room....... I want to do this all now, but bit silly seeing as I'm only 23 weeks now!

    Wow - I've just seen 14 days aswell - yikes!

    Good luck lucky ladies!
  • I'm on 48 days now hehehe image
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