how far were u when u 1st wore maternity clothes? xx

hi all ok i feel pretty daft but had to go out and buy maternity jeans today as i just cant fasten any of my jeans and trousers!! :0
I'm not actually 100% on how far along i am as iv not had periods since having grace 8 mths ago.I did do a cbd though and going on that im about 7 weeksish now.I was expecting to show early as i was in maternty clothes at 10 weeks in my last pregnancy but this just takes the biscuit!!Anyone else out of their jeans at this stage??just to mention it is my 4th pregnancy and iv heard u do show sooner with subsequent pregnancies!? xxx


  • ummm i had the same prob as u at bout 9 weekish so i brought sum bigger jogging bottoms but they lasted all of 5 weeks thn i was in leggings but they split 2 weeks later so 2 weeks ago i brought maternity clothes i was bout 20 weeks to be fair im 22 weeks now but to b hones even my maternits trousers what im wearing now feel like they r biteing me lol i think its just cos im a fat cow i was a size 10 b4 i was expecting but now a whoping size 16 lol xxx
  • its just pregnancy tho hun,im sure itl all go after!im usually a size 12 but do get quite a big bump in pregnancy and have big monster babies lol xxx
  • hehe u will laugh my babies r only weeny thow my last were 2 were 2 pound cos they were 10 weeks early i think its just cos im eating everything in sight ive turned into a greedy cow and its all going all on my bum aswell omg lol
  • o dear!! 2lb thats tiny!i was only 2lb14oz when i was born apparently xx
  • I'm am on my first pregnancy and actually had to buy my first maternity jeans really early on! I think I was about 8 weeks, but I had already grown out of my normal jeans and was wearing my slightly bigger ones!?! But, I have stayed with the same jeans, at the same tightness, all the way through! I just got a bump incredibly early, but haven't really gained much weight elsewhere. xx
  • i was like that in my last pregnancy too,hope im like that this time dnt fancy gettin a big fat ass!lol xxx
  • I think it was about 12 weeks for maternity trousers but about 16 weeks for maternity tops! but i soon grew!!
  • 10 weeks for maternity jeans, 12 weeks for normal trousers. I'm 16+2 with twins and am not really in maternity tops yet. I've managed to find some quite long tops that still cover my bump, although don't think they will for much longer

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  • Gosh i was 9 weeks when i first caved in for a pair of maternity trousers but it was mainly bloating! They do say you show earlier in 2nd, 3rd, 4th pregs tho hun.
  • This is my first baby and i am only 7 weeks but i am soooooooo bloated i am living in one pair of trousers borrowed from my mum however i think i might have to buy some new trousers soon as the bloat is not going down ( on the other hand it might not be bloat just fat i did eat like a giant pig all christmas but as a pregnant lady i am going to pretend it is :lolimage
  • i am slightly jealous in a strange kind of way. haha
    im 21 weeks in 2nd pregnancy and still wearing exactly the same size 10 jeans and tops i was in before i became pregnant. just starting to need slightly longer tops. i keep looking at maternity clothes in shops but OH laughs at me cos i dont need to buy them image
  • ur lucky!!im sure im gonna be huge!my friend came round last night and was amazed at my tum!!looking forward to having a scan to see exactly how far i am! xxx
  • I was 5 weeks as i just bloated and retained water. I couldn't do my jeans up to save my life!
  • I am 11 weeks today and can't get my jeans done up had to wear a pair to see my MW last night and I un did them while sitting and talking to her.

    Work stuff still fits but is tight so i think a shopping trip is in order for me soon.

    K xx
    11 weeks today
  • I was bloated from about 8 weeks but just wore my work trousers undone and a size up in jeans. I didn't need to buy any maternity clothes until I was 17 weeks and have only started to fill them properly in the last 2/3.

    Bec 22+6 x
  • This is my second baby and I havent worn my usual size ten jeans since xmas. I bought some size 12 for my xmas do and bought some maternity trousers fromnext last week for work with adjustable elastic on the sides
    Im 10+6
  • glad im not the only one then ladies!! xxx
  • I started wearing maternity clothes at 14 weeks after work trousers became very uncomfortable!

    16+6 twins
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