Baby's moving? Worried!

Hi, want some advise please. On thursday I tripped and fell down, I didn't land on my belly and felt baby moving after and baby was moving on the evening (like normal). I can't remember about friday evening but last night (Saturday) and this morning I realize I didn't feel baby moving. I was out last night - at my friends house and may just not have noticed baby moving but I feel worried now. Also we're redecorating our bedroom and I've been extra tired, my d/h says that the babys just sleeping and not to worry. That's easier said than done! Do any of you know any ways to get baby moving? Or should I ring my midwife and go get checked out? Thank you. xxxxx


  • I would ring and get checked out as thats always the safest way to make sure things are ok. But an ice cold glass of water usually gets baby wriggling for me, perhaps try that while your waiting to see her.
    How many weeks are you? because its normal to feel baby on and off until your late 20/early30 weeks or so, the baby isnt that strong before that and if he/she has turned round to kick your back the kicks will be cushioned so you dont feel them.
    Im sure everything will be fine but its always better to get checked out.
  • Try drinking a really cold drink or have a bath as both are good ways of getting baby to move.
    If neither work then ring your midwife as its always better to get advice.
    Good luck hun.
  • Hi, thanks for your replies. I'm 27+1 today, and I've been feeling the baby regularly for weeks now. xxxx
  • I'm sure he's fine. I'm 28+6 and baby has times where he doesn't move much, last week all I was feeling was tiny flutters and when I saw my mw for a check-up she said he was facing inside me and that was probably why. These past few days he's been active again. I would call your mw if you're worried but they just have on and off days I think! xxx
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