is anyone else?....

is any1 else im the final weeks of pregnancy and feels like there morning sickness hascome bac im constantly feeling bloated and sick its horrible and burping up acid constantly the doc says its cos my stomach is been squashed it bloody feels like it i tell u it feels like im gona spew it up sorry tmi but it does is any1 else feeling like this cos im a bit worryed i really dont want to feel like this 4 another 10 weeeks xxx :cry:


  • yeah but it eases off after the baby drops down, ahhh... tinkerbell I thought you already had 3 kids you should you? feeling anxious or upset tends to make it worse I find, have some milk, try some zantac, sit up and think pretty happy thoughts, I hope it improves and you feel better!
  • Hi tinkerbell,

    I'm 28 weeks and it came back for me last week. Wierdly, if I eat something it takes the worst of it away. Just a cereal bar or a slice of toast or summet. Hope you feel better soon x
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