acne in pregnancy

any mums to be suffering with this ,if so what are you using to treat?


  • My skin has been awful from day one and tbh cant see it improving til after Tommy is born. I have tried all sorts but just not working. I am 28 wks now so think if they were going to go they would have gone by now.

    My hormones have gone absolutely wild and I have spots on my back and I havent had that since back in the day when I was a teenager! If anyone does have a solution please please let me know! Have been using body brush daily, exfoliating and allsorts.
  • hia hun,i am suffering too,had the same problem when i was pg with my daughter so must be the hormones as i dnt usually get spots at all!i was using clearasil face wash n putting witch hazel on them eac h night but it haant been making any difference!i hav just bought no7 cleanser and toner and have started using this each night instead of my usual make up wipes and it is actually making a difference!(touch wood!)the products are on 3 for 2 in boots at the min so its worth a try n u wdnt believe the amount of dirt on the cotton wool!lovely hey,good luck but i cnt see mine completly going till lo is born!hanna 32 wks x
  • I don't think my skin was this bad when I was a teenager ! I've been religiously cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and night. I've been using Liz Earle hot polish cleanser as it's been recommended to me loads. And I love it. The toner and moisturiser were expensive ones from Space NK that I treated myself to in the days before I was saving pennies for a baby. Not sure what I'll use when they run out. I'm going to invest in some witch hazel or something to try and zapp the spots. But alltogether it is making such a difference. I'm just hoping it calms down over next few wks.
    Doesn't help that I'm caking on concealer to stop me looking 15!!
    Do you think a face mask or a facial might help ? Not sure if that will make it worse or not. S x

  • My skin has been rubish from about 12 weeks am now 24 weeks and still got spotty nose, seems to be my worst area. I honestly dont see it getting any better, I dont use any products on my face to be honest, its hormones so nothing will correct it. We are set to suffer!
  • my skin is only just starting to clear up now! it started right from the word go. i used that clearsil quick treatment wash although i dont think it really worked any faster than a normal facewash. i like johnson's face washes, they stop ya face drying out but still leave it feeling clean. XX

  • went to gp and she said my acne was mild,although doesnt bloody feel it! she hasnt given me something to use that is safe to use if i am pregnant,although i dont think i am,however this is a good product to use all round for acne.
  • I had awful skin for the first 22 weeks! The last couple of weeks though it's improved loads. I haven't done anything different though. Sorry, not much help! xxxx

  • I had major skin problems in my first pg 5 yrs ago and it didn't get any better afterwards for me. I get whacking great blind spots and boils all over my back and face - pretty image for you all there!!! Saw GP on and off for years and the only thing that seems to help is antibiotics which i am now taking again.
    Now am pg again and been having some problems with skin and my hubby blabbed at hospital appt i had at 12 weeks and the consultant sent me to dermatologist who diagnosed a disease called HS which is basically an allergy to my own hormones. As i said i do take antibiotics permanently for it but i also find that having a facial once a month can help (also sometimes have purifying back treatments when i can) although it costs money n sometimes can't afford it, but my beautician is brill and she advises on what state my skin is in and what i can do to help. I use Dermologica products and masques every day and have switched to Jane Iredale mineral make-up which is designed for problem skin and offers fab coverage without clogging skin up. Get all my products at (slightly cheaper than from salon).
    Hope this helps - if any of u are getting boils and stuff or if skin doesn't calm down after lo's come along, def go to GP and ask for advice.

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