FAO Bec n bump

Hiya chick, how did it go with the midwife? Did they give you all the bumpf i got?! lol

Mikayla xx



  • they gave me loadsa leaflets n samples and vouchers but my midwifes a nutter lol! she was so funny image not seein her now for 7 weeks n not havin a scan until im 21 weeks seems such a long time to wait image
  • Aw, it is a long time to wait, My midwife is so boring!! But she did give me one piece of very sneaky advice! Being... If i feel worried about anything or just nead some reasurrance everything is ok and my scan date doesnt come through then to ring up the early pregnancy unit and tell them your having pains and they should get you in for a scan. Very sly i thought but maybe give it a try if you get worried or anxious at any point! hehe xx


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