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Has anyone else suffered with really bad burping??? Am 13+3 and have had really bad burping most of the way through and it doesn't look like it going to stop. My OH thinks it'll probably last all the way through. It's all the time, doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat, and is a bit embarrasing when i'm out. Asked OH to make out it was him that did it, so people don't look funny at me (which he doesn't bless him....) Even my mum looks disgusted at me now....!! :lol:image:lol:image:lol:image:lol:


  • I meant 'which he does bless him' !!
  • Well this is true, glad its not only me then. My OH makes me laugh, he said I should just let them go, not to worry about them, but then after about 3 or 4 in a row (and I mean real loud ones) I can see him looking shocked out of the corner of his eye. I think he's jealous that he can't do them as good!!
  • You're not alone. I've had them since I found out I was pregnant and I get them every day too. I just tell people "it's better out than in".
  • me too lol although i have to admit i love it, its disguisting of me and not at all lady like, but i belch em out lol i love to see the disguist in my mums face lol
  • i seem to burp all day somedays, i usually hate it, used to roll my eyes at OH when he did it, but they were loud! i try to diguise it,LOL
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