Hi girls

I was wondering , I get some extra money for my mat leave if I was to come back, but if they only paid me smp and I never went back to work would that have to be paid back?

I always thought that was a no but now I am not so sure.

K xx


  • maybe try i've just been looking at it to try and make sense? there is a number to ring and the man on there was helpful x
  • hi sweet, I work in the NHS and yes if they overpay you and you dont return for a min of 3 months ( full time or part time it dosent have to be on your old hours) then you have to pay back the overpayment but you need to decided whether you are going back about 3 months after having the baby so they dont overpay you and you wont have to pay back.

    Hope this makes sense xx
  • You dont have to pay SMP back but anything extra they give you on the condition you go back would probably need to be paid back if you didnt stick to the conditions of the extra money and didnt go back.


  • Perfect thank girls, I do get a little extra and they have said if I do not come back this would have to be paid back. I was wondering about the basic SMP though as I was not too sure about that. I know they tax you on that though so really you don't actually end up getting ??124 (it goes up next month)

    K xx
  • You don't have to pay back the basic SMP as that is paid by the government! It is only your 'extra' pay that your work have agreed on image

    Tax on SMP is minimal as you have your personal tax allowance to come off - I think my HR dept worked out you only really get charged tax when there is a 5 week month (if you are paid monthly)
  • SMP is 6 weeks at 90% of your pay and then 33 weeks at ??124.

    Your employer only pay 8% of this SMP but no regardless of whether you go back or not you dont have to repay any SMP.

    We get 12 weeks half pay on top of this, which is occupational mat pay which has to be paid back if we dont return.

    Claire xx

  • Thats great thank you for that I was worried about how much tax would be coming off it. It's mad trying to budget now and I know one way or the other we will cope as everybody does it's just great to get a plan a and b in place image

    K xx
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