Will warn u in advance, little rant coming.

I know thta I am only 12+3, but I have already decided that I would like a water birth if possible using only gas and air.

When I talk about it with my friends, they give me "the look" and then they give me "mmm hmm" and then they say "you won't be saying that when you get in there, you'll have an epidural" like they know best.

And these aren't even the friends with kids


Does anyone else have this, where people are totally disrespecting their decisiona?

Sorry, rant over, I feel so much better now. lol



  • Oh yes everyone does it! So annoying. Especially when it's the ones without kids. I can understand if you had kids that certain things worked for them so they want to share them (even tho it is still irritating because we're all different). But if you haven't been through it...then what do you know?

    For me it is the 'breast/bottle' thing, I really can't choose! I say I want to bottle feed and it's like No don't do that! Then I think I will try bf, and I get the same response....mad :/

    I have read loads of birth stories on here and some women really do have natural births with just gas and air. On the other hand others have everything in the book! You can't predict how it will go, but there's no reason not to plan for it! xxxx

  • Exactly - so glad someone agrees lol.

    I wouldn't mind at all, but all my friends with children are so supportive, telling me not to listen to anyone and to do whats best for me etc.

    I had the same prob with deciding but think I have decided on breastfeeding. Its so hard when everyone is sticking their 2 cents worth in though.

    I keep sticking my nose in the air and saying "I'm the mummy so you just wheesht (be quiet)"

    lol xxxxxxxx
  • I'm with you on the water birth thing, Not told anyone yet and maybe i won't if i'm gonna get that reaction!!!
    Claire xx
  • I have to say, just go with the flow, no matter what you plan when it starts little one makes the rules!

    I want a home birth this time but LO may decide other wise!

    If you can have a water birth then go for it! you may find you don't need/want an epidural when you get there or you might have every thing on offer!!

    once it's over all the pain is forgotten anyway, as Zoey says, it's pain with a purpose and it's not going to last forever.
  • Steph, I found as soon as I told people I was pregnant, I became public property. They touch your bump, they express opinions on EVERYTHING you do (or sometimes things you don't) I swear the cleaners at my work only ask how I am so they can tell me more gory details about their awful pregnancy/labour. And don't ever share potential names with people, they will tell you how much they hate them or, even worse, they will steal the name to use themselves!!
  • Thank you, you've all really cheered me up, its gud to hear positive opinions on my choices.

    I got told off for drinking alcohol a few days ago as well, when it wasnt even me!!! busybodies lol

    Hope you all get the births that you are hoping for and thanks for making me cheer up

  • if it makes you feel any better hun, with my first i managed on gas and air ith pethidine early on then just gas and air once the pethidine wore off, wasnt a water birth and i`m a right wimp when it comes to pain.
    i mentioned to my mother in law this time that i wanted a home birth and got the same look.

    take no notice of what other people say, you know your own body, not them.
  • You can make as many choices as you want babe!

    You are also free to change your mind as many times as you want - right up until lo pops out!

    My choice is - I am having a 3rd section and I am having an epidural and if I had my way I would be having gas and air while they put that in! I am a wimp and would have any and every pain killer going!

    The thing is you fail to realise babe - you are pregnant and hormonal and therefore in the opinion of anyone not pregnant - HAVE NO BRAIN!!!!!!


    Sorry, do I sound cynical - god, it makes me mad (dinner plates being hidden from me as I am turning red and they WILL go flying!)

    Y Y Y Y do people do this to us?

    What gives them the right to tell us what we want, to touch us when they feel like it and to disregard how we are feeling!

    Thank god I only have 9 1/2 wks left - there would be no cups, plates, or glassware in this flat! We would be wetting the babies head with wine in plastic tumblers lol

    Love Lee
  • i have to agree with mummym on the not telling people names etc. there are three of us at my work who are expecting and i am keeping tight lipped over prams, cots, names, etc as one of the girls who is due 8 wks before me is allways in competition with people and one of these Me Me Me Me people, eg, when i told them i was pregnant, she gave me big hugs and congrat and then proceded to talk about herself and how she was feeling (like she tells us every day anyway) i just stood back and thought to my self, "I knew you were going to be like this". so i am not telling anyone anything!
    love fiona
  • It is all your choice so do what is right for you!
    And I would totally recommend the water tank, I spent several hours in there (though will admit they made me get out to have him in the end) but it made it a much nicer experience, and I plan on being back in there for this one as well!
    Good luck with whatever you decide for everything! Jen x
  • I'm with you on the water birth idea-though I've been told there is only one room offering this at my hospital so I'll be lucky to get one!!
    I had gas and air and pethodine with my other 2 children-and never ever wanted an epidural though at one point I really had to argue with the mw about it!!
    I think you really just need to prepare for everything and do what feels best for you-sod everyone else and their opinion!!!
    I hope you get whatever you want and good luck!!
    Lydia xx
  • Hehe, I'm just glad that other people feel the same way about epidurals. I'm not against the idea, but I really really dont want one for myself. lol

    Apparantly I might not be allowed a water birth as I have had some bleeding at 5 and 9 weeks and this might affect the decision later on.

    So hoping it doesn't.

    Hoping that everyone here gets the birth that they want too.

  • Well at the hospital where im giving birth (ideally wanted the local birth centre but cant now due to my anemia), they dont offer epidurals so cant have one even if i wanted to!! Im planning to use gas and air, birth pool if its free and maybe pethidine or similar if it gets too much.

    Im due in about 5 days so getting excited and anxious now!
  • I've had the exact same thing when i told 2 of my friends i didn't really want an epidural and was gonna try and manage without, main reason being i hate needles! They were both like well i'm sure u'll change ur mind when ur actually in labour, i just thought wtf how the hell would u no??? It really annoyed me and made me feel a bit stupid, but nice to know i'm not the only one!
  • yeh i know what you mean, its so annoying, ive had two children already so i should know what i want!!

  • I dont undertsand why people feel that pregnancy means they can tell you the truth. They wouldnt walk in your house and say 'oh i wouldnt have chosen that wallpaper' or 'that outfit is not very nice' so why are they suddenly so honest when it comes to pregnancy!! It annoys me when people are quite quick to tell you how rubbish the names you have chosen are - sometimes these people have not even chosen nice names for their own children grrrrrrr

    I have also noticed that when you tell people how many children you would like (i would like 4) they tell you that you wont have/dont want that many! Surely its up to me how many children i want.
  • lol, i totally agree that as soon as you have a bump, everyone seems to think that you are their property and that they can throw their opinions down your throat and pass judgement on you.

    Hehe, at least we can shout at these people and go crazy, but get away with it seeing as it must just be "the hormones" lol.

    Last night I worked in my local club as a favour and at then end of the night, I shouted at all the staff for irritating me, then I cried coz I was a bitch and felt guilty for shouting at everyone, then I had hysterical laughter coz they didn't mind me being unreasonable, then i got given free food coz "tinkerbell is funny when she's angry" lol

    I've decided that no-one shall hear my choices whatsoever and I will keep them to myself and no-one shall be able to make me feel silly for those opinions hehe

    I should also get tranquilisors or something so that I still have friends by the time lo is born

    Sorry for going off subject everyone xxxx

    Oh spoke to my mw about just gas and air and water birth she said "thats great, Im sure you'll do wonderful." hehe

    Anyone else find mw more supportive than friends lol

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