will i stay this worried?

hi everyone, i joined this site last week and have found it very comforting so thank you all first of all x

i had a mmc in august and all i concentrated on was getting pg again before my baby would have been due, and lo and behold at the very last month before i decided to stop trying for a while i discovered i was pg!! i have had scans every week to put my mind at rest and am now 9weeks but i live for a monday morn when i get to see my baby, holding my breath till i see the heartbeat, i was so nervous this morning as i had felt twinges at weekend but all was fine, hgeart going strong but every twinge or ache im at the loo checking, i am very nervous but feel im letting this pg down by not being able to relax and enjoy it in case the worst happens. my last mmc wasnt found till i had a scan at twelve weeks even though baby had stopped growing at 10wks, i just cant get over not knowing something was wrong so this time i am being to overly worried, any advice please please please lol xx kellie


  • thanks zoey, being on here has helped a lot, so instead of worrying all the time im reading stories that make me feel better when i should be doing my washing up!! lol

    i have a ten year old son who im dying to tell that we'r pg because he will be over the moon, he was the last time but was upset when i mc so we waiting for a while to tell him and our familys. roll on the next few weeks, its like im wishing my life away but just getting past the twelve weeks will be like the lottery i think xx
  • Aww hun.
    I've never been through what you have so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Try not to panic everytime you feel a twinge, alot of mums do including myself, I always seem to get period type pains which is always worrying, but its just growing pains and your uterus stretching, but I know after what you've been through every pain must be scary. I hope that after your 12 week scan you manage to relax a bit and start to enjoy the pregnancy, only a few more weeks until then.
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