I fell over!

Hi ladies,
Today as i was coming out of the train station on my way to uni i slipped. It was on quite a steep slope and it was wet and i was walked on this grid my left foot slipped from underneathe me, trying to stop myself from falling i wacked my right knee on the ground at full force. The thing is i think iv pulled a muscle quite badly above my right knee because everytime i move it or walk on it iv bin getting really bad cramps just above my knee and right up my thigh. Im posting this for two reasons, firstly there were loads of people around wen it happened and im quite obviously pregnant, but no-one came over or even asked if i was ok! Wat a bunch ov w**kers, if i saw a pregnant lady take a fall i wud be str8 ova making sure she was ok. The second thing is do u think i shud get myself looked at (especially my leg) or do u think i shud just see how it goes over the next couple of days. I dnt wana be bothering the doctors with something if its trivial. Advise and opinions please girlies (sorry for the long post). Kerry xxx



  • Hiya,
    That's awful that no1 even bothered to c if ur ok! I'm not sure bout ur leg but personally my mum always told me to put a bag of peas or sumthin on where ever i pulled a muscle or strained sumthin and mayb if it still bad 2moro get checked out. Did u fall on ur bump? Cos if u did mayb u best get checked out.
    Hope ur alrite
  • Hey Kerry some people are so rude! AS long as you didn't fall or knock your bump u should be fine, but if your leg is really hurting then get it checked out!
    I know I fell early on and at first my Oh laughed then it suddenly dawned on him that I was pregnant and think he got a bit of a shock. Hope you feel better soon babe, big hugs.
    Tammi xxx
  • I didnt fall on my bump (thank god), mind u i cud have bin dying and no-one wud have cum to help. Jus feeling abit achy all over at da min coz i sorted of jolted and tensed every muscle in my body to try and stop myself from falling on bump. Feeling really sorry for myself at da moment but OH has just got home from work and now iv bin ordered to rest while he does everything, im not gona complain bout dat. Kerry xxx
  • Hi Kerry
    I'd probably see how you get on overnight, perhaps have a nice warm bath to bring out any bruising. BUT if your not sure, go to docs/hospital just to make sure.
    Unfortunately and sadly it doesn't surprise me no-one came over to help you - people just dont seem care about each other anymore....guess it must be the "invisible walkman syndrome" or blinkers! I could rant on for ages on this subject - used to see it happen all the time when i commuted to/from London!
    Anyway, hope your feeling ok v soon & keep us posted
    Sarah xx
  • That's awful no one came over to help! I would have done...that's awful, but again, it doesn't surprise me. Hope you're OK. I would see how the knee is overnight and if it's still painful in the morning then go and see the GP. Also...I'm not sure if it counts, because you didn't fall on your bump, but what blood group are u, because I am rh neg and I was told if I fell I would have to go & get another anti-D injection...? Worth checking if u are! Although I think it might only count if u fell on your bump! xxxx


  • Did you fall while still on station property?
    If you did then a first aider from there should have been informed and it should have been logged.
    It is obviously a hazard in wet weather.
    Like the others have said ....go and get checked out hun even if it is only your knee that hurts.
    Take it easy.x
  • What a load of nasty people - I can't believe they didn't even see if you were ok, never mind being pregnant on top! Eejits...

    Hope you're feeling better - get some arnica for your knee asap.x
  • Hi there!
    Good to hear you didn't fall on your bump, but I would still get checked out - just in case. Also, if there's anything wrong with your knee, better to get it looked at sooner than later. Better to get it sorted now than when you have a LO to look after too.
    Unfortunatly, nobody cares! I was 5 months pregnant in the middle of summer, had a 'Baby on board' badge on too, got on a train, nobody gave up their seat. Train got packed & really hot, I fainted on the train and NOBODY helped me. People just stared at me and I just wanted to cry.
  • sarah thats atrocious!! (sp?). i cant eblieve it at all. where do you live? i really really thing your location matters as to how friendly/helpful people are, i'm up in newcastle and i really don't think that would happen where i am!! poor you! x
  • Not really a surprise, I was in London (Docklands Light Railway). I think people were more worried I'd delay the train and make them late for work!
  • Yeah sounds about right Sarah

    Ladies, could I just say that whenever I do have to take public transport (I'm in Harrow on the outskirts of London), I ASK people if they wouldn't mind moving to let me sit down as I'm pregnant if they don't offer. It's amazing how many people suddenly become engrossed in their nails/looking out the window etc.

    I almost see it as a duty to make a point now, as people need to get the message - so next time you're on public transport - do the same and don't be shy - to get what you want/need sometimes you need to be more proactive around these selfish egotistical members of society!

    (phew feel better for that - so early in the morning aswell!)

  • My accident happened at Manchester Oxford Road station so it mite be sumthing to do with big cities full ov all these high flyers who r walking around with their heads stuck up their arses. The morale to this story ladies, dnt be pregnant or have an accident in a big city, ha ha ha. Sorry to hear about wat happened 2 u mummysarahw how awful. I think as a get closer to my due date i mite have to start driving to uni (although that wud prob b mur stressfull). Oh well finish uni in may then i wnt need to look at manchester city centre again (unless im shopping, ha ha ha). Thanks girls, knee is not to bad today and i feel loads beta after a gud nites sleep. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Kerry, I hope your knee is feeling better today? If its still sore then I would see a doc just to make sure theres no serious damage. Its awful to think no-body helped you when you fell. I fell over at work when I was in early pregnancy and I laughed before remembering I was pregnant then burst out crying. Very embarrasing!!!
    Hope you and bump are well and youre feeling better.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hi i fainted in primark when i was pg in the queue and people walked around me to the till!!!!!! i eventually got helped up by staff as i was sprawled on the floor! but i was annoyed afterwards xx
  • I really can't believe how people are today. If we were all on the Titanic today, would we all be pushed to the back? Reading these posts about nobody helping is making my eyes water, oh dear, hormones again!
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