fao anyone who conceived after mc b4 af?

i mc 4 weeks ago (had d%c done same day) ttc 2 weeks later (2 weeks ago) thats wen mw said id prob ov! they said my af wud b 4-6 weeks ater d&c just wondered wen wud b best to do hpt? just need bit of advice plz from someone who went thru same!


  • hi marie i concieved a week after a mc last july and found out when i was 5 wks pregnant but you might be able to tell now if its only been 2wks. go for it but if not leave it another couple of wks and test again. hope this is of some help and let me know x
  • hi marie
    I ovulated very shortly after i mc. I bled and had mc confirmed on thursday and think i may have conceived on the previous tuesday. Fingers crossed for you.
    Filo x
  • thanx 4 replying! im going to try n hold out till weekend !!! hopefully b bk on this forum in a few weeks!
  • Hi Marie,

    I had a d&c last year and my af didn't arrive until nearly 8 weeks later, I think it is different for everyone we also were ttc 2 weeks after d&c and were convinced we had cracked it after af didn't arrive for 5 weeks and I did a hpt and it came back with a faint positive I then did one two days later and it was negative. I spoke to the dr and was told it was because HCG was still in my system.

    Try and leave testing for as long as you can hun and good luck image

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