TO ALL THOSE DUE IN MAY 2009!!! INTERESTED on how you feel

hi guys I am now 11 weeks today and my bump is quite big excited though and cant' wait for the nuchal scan on Thursday!!

I am due on 22nd May 2009, who else is due in May!! so excited now!!


  • Hi,

    Check out the due in May 09 part of the forum and you should find lots of lovely ladies there at the same stage as you.

  • Hi! I'm due the 20th May, although i still haven't got a bump yet.

    I've got my scan tomorrow, and i can't wait to check on my lo and see how it's doing.

    Have a look on the May 08 Forum, i only found it yesterday, but it seems quite lively, with lots of other may 09 mums on there.
  • Yes, come over and say hello in the May 09 forum!

    I'm 12+5 - no bump at all yet, but getting so excited after my scan.
  • Hey Nina, I'm due on the 19th i think? my last period started the 12th Aug so i think i'm 11 weeks and two days although i have my scan tomorrow and i'm wondering if it may change xxxx
  • im due may 3rd and very excited. My angelsounds arrived this morning and i heard our babies heart beat for the first time which was amazing. im starting to get a little bit of energy back, the sickness still comes and goes, i find that i feel sick when i get hungry and am having to snack more often. yesterday i thought i was going to have my first 'non-sick' day, then in the evening i had some orange juice and puked it right back up again...minging.
  • Hi girls! thanks for your replies i have been in the may 09 forum that i just found!! Ican't stop being sick constantly drives me mad!!! I bought that doppler this morning and it gets delivered tomorrow I can't wait! it says you can hear from 10 week but I bet I won't be able to knowing me luck!! xx
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