a message for you all to read

I quite often read every post but either don't have the words to reply or don't have time to be completely honest. I hold my hands up and admit that I am guilty of often not acknowledging peoples losses, achievements or happy news.

Quite often its the ones with the sad news that I don't reply to. Its not because im being heartless its just that I really don't know what to say as I have never been through it and so couldnt even begin to understand. That doesnt mean that Im not thinking of you.

I have been reading through some posts this morning and so have now decided to send a message to you all. Im planning to be a much nicer person for 2009 (although I didnt know that I could get much nicer! lol) so.....

I just wanted to say:

Im so very sorry to hear of people's losses that you have shared on here. It takes courage to do that because I feel that writing something down is worse that saying it as it is there in front on you in black and white, and thats when you have to accept it.

Congratulations to all those who have recently announced that they are pregnant and those who have had their new arrivals.

to anyone else: thank you for keeping me so entertained with your posts. I often have a giggle to myself when Im sitting online. I stumbled on this website by accident and although I currently belong to the pregnancy forum I will continue to stay around even after my baby is born.

If I don't get to say it before:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lets hope that 2009 is a more positive one image


  • I know what you mean - I sometimes don't have the words to say anything to sad posts, so I end up saying nothing in case I say the wrong thing. Don't worry - you are lovely!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and everyone! xx
  • I am going to gatecrash again but hoping to join you all in the new year.
    What you have just said mummyagain09 is so true, I'm always on BE reading ALL the posts on all the chatrooms and sometimes just dont know what to say.
    Peoples losses reach me at a level I didnt think could happen, it really brings home how very lucky I am and again when you lovely ladies are ttc or have a bfp or have a healthy birth I am just bursting with joy for you all.
    So if I may, I would love to wish you all the very best for Xmas and in the New Year. I hope all your dreams come true.
  • What a lovely post



  • thank you!

    im due 28th June.

    How about you?
  • merry christmas to you to! and yes lets all hope we have a happy 2009! take care. xxx
  • i know exactly what you mean - its hard to find the right words sometimes!!
  • A lovely post hun. Have a great Christmas, although santa has probably bought you all that you can ask for I hope he brings your loved ones all that they asked for. Happy and Healthy New Year Mums and Bumps x x x
  • What a lovely post. Merry Christmas to everyone, good health and happiness and all the best for 2009 image

    Suzi 30+6 xxxx
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