pregnency worry

hi can anyone help im 29 weeks pregnent after trying for a few years couldent belive it when i found out but i just cant settle im so worried about not getting the baby at the end keep thinking about stillbirth or misscarige anyone know if the risk is high asked the midwife but not really any answer and the baby is growing above avarege please help


  • The risk is really, really low hun. At 29 weeks your lo already has something like a 90% chance of survival even if you go into labour now. (It might be even higher than that, I can't remember the figures) It's natural to panic, especially if you were trying for a long while before you got pregnant, but I am sure that everything will be just fine for you and your baby. Try and relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
    Kerry xx
  • thanks for that im having a little girl and she is very active so i should just settle down made me feel better belinda x
  • I think its natural to worry a little but like Bedhead says the risks are really low now as if you go into labour early your baby is very likly to survive and still birth is a small risk percentage wise, you need to relax and enjoy the next 11 weeks x

    Its only natural to worry about the unknown!
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