NHS maternity card

I posted last week about losing my wallet and im still tryin to remember all of the cards and thing that were in it, ive cancelled all my important ones (bank, drivers license etc) and most of the not so important ones (boots, tesco etc) but i cant find a contact number anywhere to report my NHS maternity exemption(sp) card as lost or to order a new one. Could anyone help me out.....

Ta in advance. x



  • speak to miswife or look online for contact number
  • Hi - I know how annoying that is - it happened to me back in october, I'd just cancelled everything, visa cards, store cards even library cards then it got handed in with everything in!! I've just looked at my card and there is no number, but there is an address: PO Box 854, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 2DE, this is if the card has been found, but it might be worth contacting them - Good luck
    Sam xx
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