What size baby clothes?

Hi Girls,

Went out shopping for the first time to buy some clothes for the babs and i'm tottally confused :\? do i buy newborn or 0-3months? I know u can't really judge until he/she is here but u need clothes for when he/she is in the hospital.

Please help as i have a shopping urge :lol:



  • I would get a mixture, as you say you don't really know what you will need until your lo arrives but I would say you will need some newborn stuff to start off with.
    My first lo was 7lb 4 and only 48cm so even the newborn stuff which is 56cm was huge on him! We had to go and get some small newborn stuff that was 50cm.

    This time I have just sorted out all the old baby clothes I have and I have loads of 0-3 month stuff (which my lo didn't get into until he was about 2 months old last time) so I am going to get a few extra bits of newborn and size 50cm stuff just incase this one is a similar size. I really recommend Tesco for getting lots of cheap baby basics, that way you don't waste too much if you lo is big or grows fast and hardly uses any of the smaller stuff. You can always buy more once your lo arrives, plus you will probably find loads of people buy clothes as gifts.

    Hope that helps a bit! x
  • Thanks so much for that.

    I can now get a few bits and pieces. image (when i say a few i mean quite a few :lol: ) How many neutral babygrows would u recommand getting? as were not finding out the sex.

    I will defo try tesco i forgot the sold baby clothes, baby brain again :roll:

    Thanks again


  • me n h2b were lookin the other day and matalan have got a buy one get one free on their cot/crib/pram sheets. think u get 4 for ??8!
    we looked at clothes too and bought one little outfit that fits up to 8lb. but we noticed that places have diff sizes... like early baby, newborn and 0-3 in asda, tesco and matalan r for all diff weights....
  • confusing isn't it ?

  • yeh very!! but oh soo exciting! i love looking at baby things... even b4 we were preggy!!
  • i'm the same.

    when are u due? have u bought anything yet?
  • im due 24th aug... wot bout u?

    well hubby bought a wee outfit... 3 pack bibs, lil bootie things and a 3 pack feedin cloths lol!!

    i bought a baby record book on sat so we can fill in all the dates of things as we go so we dont forget!!
    im such a sucker for sentimental stuff like that! i dont have one from when i was tiny cos mum let me ruin it wen i was into everything!!

    have u bought anything?

  • Hi, yep it is confusing, especially as clothes from different stores seem to be different sizes! I got 3 packs of the newborn vests from Tesco which each have three vests in them and only cost ??1.75! They wash really well so are really good value. I also got about 9 sleepsuits from Tesco and Matalan as you will find a newborn pretty much lives in these. Outfits are ok but don't waste too much money on them for a newborn as they are so fiddly to put on!!

    Also try and have a look at how things fasten as some things are a nightmare when it comes to nappy changes!

    I found the unisex night dress style sleep suits with no legs but elasticated bottoms were fantastic for newborns at night as it was so much easier to change the nappy quickly and cause less distrubance to your lo.

  • yeh i noticed that matalan, tesco and asda have good value stuff for all the essentials.

    ive never seen them unisex nightdresses... and i got 10 nieces and nephews! they sound gr8!! where did u get them?

    my lo is goin to live in babygrows and knitted cardis for as long as poss!! i think they grow up too quick if u put them into little clothes straight away!!
    it was a fleecy pair of dungaree like things hubby bought with a top that fastens like a vest... and the dungys fasten like a babygrow so they should be ok!
  • I'm due on the 19th of july, and i can't wait.

    We have a diary too as i have loads of appointments (due to me having a DVT last year)

    Havin't bought anything yet as my sister is letting me borrow her cot, moses basket, cradle etc

    Don't get me wrong i'm soooo gratefull for her lending them to me but i kinda feel like i'm missing out on something not been able to buy my own, if u get me?

    plus my family keep saying don't buy anything yet as its to early but tough (ha ha) i've waited to long and am starting to buy little things now like baby wipes, baby products each week so i won't have to purchase them all at the end when money will be tight. Will buy a few items of clothes tomorrow do. and i am so excited about it.
    i've already seen a comforter that i think baby might like. hee hee
    do u know the sex of ur little one or are u going to find out?

  • great idea lizb. i never thought about that.
    i wouldn't mind but my SIL has two little ones 18 months and 5 months (the live in england and i'm from ireland) and i forgot how fiddly she use to find them!

  • Primark can also be v good for baby bargains, vests, baby gros and scratch mits.
  • thats the first place i'm going to tomorrow yeah.

    will be going up the north at the end of feb/march to buy from asda and so on...
  • aww we dont have a primark near us!! its rubbish!! however i have heard there is one bein built!

    yeh i completely understand wot u mean.... i ahve had sooo many ppl say we'll get u this or lend u that!! im ive been kinda cruel n said thanks v much but we wanna do it ourselves! is that not half the fun of havin a baby?

    i wouldnt say it too early for u to buy! u go for it girl and have fun!!!

    we're gonna defo start buyin all our big stuff after ive had my 12 wk scan at 15 wks lol. ive had 2 already though!! due to bleedin but things r ok!

    i dont wanna knwo the sex but h2b does! what about u guys?


  • the opp for us i want to know but other half doesn't and i i knew i would refer to the baby as he/she so i can't find out,. i think i don't mind as much now as i'm getting excited about finding out when he/she arrives when my hubbie says its a .....

    will let u know what i bought tomorrow as i'm finishing work now and have to sign off. (yes i do work even do am on here allllllllll day haha)

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