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To scan or not to scan...

...that IS the question!!! I have my 22 week appointment with doc next week. However, as many of you will know, I get no more than my 12 week scan, and I also haven't felt baby move yet. Is it really bad of me to play on the 'I'm really worried I haven't felt any movement' card and push doc for another scan?? I have no reason to think anything is wrong. And I know there is a healthy hb. I don't want to know sex, I just want to know that everything is ok, and I really object to paying for a private scan when its just determined by where I stay. Is it really immoral to try to abuse the nhs resources in this way? xx


  • I think if you say there have not been movement that they wire your belly to a machine that records movements not give a scan. It was with my 1st nearly 15 yrs ago I had this done so might be outdated but will try to come up with a good reason to help you get one if I can! I dont see how it can be abusing the system when the majority of women across the country get one as standard procedure. Why do you not get one?
    Love Lee
  • Hey Lee, Lothians don't offer them as standard, first mw said minimum intervention bladdy blah, but second one said its all financial. She seemed quite disappointed that we don't get them and said it's purely our decision but there are things that can be missed at the 12 week scan which can be picked up at 20. Would still carry full term anyway so the question is really does it matter if something gets picked up, but there is so much to worry about I feel it would be one thing less!
  • HI I had a scan at 11 weeks and another at 22 weeks but inbetween i had one at 19 weeks as i went to the doc with a pain and he couldnt hear the heartbeat so i was sent for an emergency scan.

    But ive been lucky and had another scan at 28 and 34 growth scans.

    If i was really worried I would personally go to the doc and tell them atleast they might listen for heartbeat for a bit of reassurance for you.

    Sara 35+2
  • We used these guys, they did a great job of reassuring us and we'll definately sue them again (hopefully)
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