Maternity leave

Ive already given my manager notice of my maternity leave for the 18th May, however recently ive been unwell, and have been signed of work for 2 weeks, im worried about being unwell again once i return to work on the 18th march, and was wondering about changing my maternity leave so i didnt have as long left at work, Does anybody know my rights in changing my start date and how i should inform my employer?

Thanks to anyone who can help,

Lea x


  • I think if your off work for pregnancy related illness they can start your maternity leave early - maybe get signed off work and have a chat with work and see what they suggest...
  • i think u have to give them 28 days notice to change your mat leave date and if u get signed off sick within the last 4 weeks before your due date then they can start your mat leave for you.
  • Hi I was gonna say what mrssmith said I'm sure that's right.
  • You only have to give 28 days notice if your employer say's you do. Basically they can refuse you if they want, (but they can't if you give the full 28 days). Although I think most would rather you start Mat leave early, rather than going off sick.

    Best bet is to have a chat to them.

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