ive got flu and feel awfull ...

ok i no what the answer will be but now im bout 3 days awy frm being 6 months gone isnt there anything atall apart frm sh.... paracetamol which ent doing anything i can take i cant even get off the sofa to play with my 3 kids i feel like death not to mention haveing preeclampsia ontop so i dont no if the headaches and dizzyness r due to that or the flu god can my life get any worse im supposed to be sorting out my eldest dd birthday party which is in a couple of weeks theres like 20 kids comeing so i cud do without being layed up wiv the lurgey :\(


  • Aww hun!

    Soz to hear ur unwell :cry:

    Cant be easy when uve got things to get done.

    Hope you feel better soon :\)

    Sharon xx

  • ooooo helo u stranger any news in the baby department yet i thought u might of had baby by now please dont hit me 4 saying it cos i bet every1 has said it to u but i just been wondering every day if u have had baby yet?? xx
  • Nah im still here.... :cry:

    Although ive been having 'different' kinda pains since last night so hopefully something more will happen very soon!

    Sharon xx


  • i hope so to hun it must be awfull 4 u thinking is this it every time u get a pain shudnt be long thow now surely like i said u r makeing it to comfy in there lol xx
  • i still feel like poo is there anything else i can take please say there is am i allowed the vicks sniffy stick to help get rid of me snot? xx
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