We saw a heartbeat!

Well, We saw a heartbeat today - it was only a fluttering on the screen but it was so amazing. With our previous 2 mcs, we never got to the stage of seeing a heartbeat as our twins were mmc'ed before 12 week scan and 2nd mc happened naturally early on.

Was shown today how to self inject and I will be doing this daily for the term of the pregnancy due to the blood condition they have discovered. My consultant was really positive about it all, but I did quiz him about the risk of mc, even though a heartbeat has been seen. He says the risk has dropped significantly now so there is around an 80% chance of a successful prgnancy, bearing in mind my history etc. I'm really not focussing on that other 20% for now as we're so excited. But please tell me to keep hold of this PMA should I start worrying because of twinges/cramps etc!

I'm about 6 weeks now. I'm going to make my ticker later... so excited! image

Hoping that you're all well today.
Love Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Congrats, I managed to get my early scan last Monday (had MC last Sept at 12 wks), I am now 8 weeks 6 days, and saw the heartbeat - strangly it still hasnt sunk in that I have a baby and I think you will always feel a bit worried. Lots of PMA to you (and me!)
  • Thanks Helen. Wishing you all the best too.

    Take care xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Em!

    I remember when you mc and you sounded understandably down so it is fab news that they found out the problem and you saw a heartbeat today. I remember when I saw my baby's heart flickering on the screen at 6+5 weeks and it was fantastic knowing he was OK. All the best of luck for you but I don't think u need it! Lol! xxxx


  • so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • hi em, aww chuffed for you hun
    i had a mc last sept day before my 12 week scan. im now pg again and was able to go for an early scan at 9 weeks, after seeing nothing in the last one i was so relived to see a little heart beat!
    i worried over every twinge/cramp ect but im now 22 weeks and so far so good!
    hope everything goes well for you chick
  • Oh Em thats fab news hunny! So pleased for you. You must have been so chuffed to see that little flutter! Sending tons of lucky, sticky babydust your way, take care! xx


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