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This is my first pregnancy I am 36, I am 6 weeks at moment, but I seem to have backache on and off during the day, I had an implantation bleed which lasted around 4-5days around a week ago, but nothing since. Also I have little twinges on both sides, and around my belly button is this normal?? Also is it ok to have sex still at this early stage. I had a miscarriage back in November, so am worrying a little.




  • Welcome, I think the first thing here is not to worry or stress out, I know its easier said than done. I would hold off on the sex front for a week or so, just let everything settle down. As for the rest I would speak to either your gp or mdw.
    Good luck
  • Hi Jayne,
    I'm 33, 13 weeks into 1st pregnancy. We had a scan last week and such a relief to see our sprog!
    I had various twinges between pubic bone, hips and belly button from about 5 weeks - they calmed down at about 10 weeks but now they're starting up again as I begin to get a bump. Apparently it's the ligaments supporting the uterus getting used to the changes in size and hormones... completely normal! If it starts being period pain that's different, but I know what you mean about 'twinges' - the word describes it perfectly!
    I was worried about sex and orgasming - have to say, I put it on the backburner and just kept OH reasonably happy, if you know what I mean, until about 10 weeks. Until then, I just felt fragile.
    Follow what your body's telling you hun - it's normal to worry!
  • Hi Weeza

    Thanks that has eased my mind, I kept thinking something was wrong, as for sex, I think me and oh will hold off for a while, as I just feel that we should be careful till around 10 -12 weeks or just after I have had first scan. I am awaiting to see my midwife for my booking in, but they have not rung me yet, as this is our first baby I am just unsure what is what.


  • Hi Jayne, I'm five weeks tomorrow with our first (although i feel a little later on than what i've been told). I've been having the same symptons as you have described as well. So it's put two worried ladies minds at rest. Hope you are well and taking it easy. Oh, and congratulations! .x.
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