Low lying anterior placenta

Dont know very much about this but i am in my third pregnancy (had two natural births previous) i have a low lying anterior placenta and have been told if it hasn't moved i will have to go under general anesthetic to have a c-section i am PETRIFIED. Anyone else had this????


  • i've got this, and have my next scan on wednesday to see if its moved or not. apparently its relitavly common to get this at 21 weeks and often it moves out of the way, so fingers crossed for you image There is nothing you can do to help it move, so just have to wait and see i'm afraid!

    skyla xx 34 + 5
  • I had this with my daughter, I had a few scans throughout and thankfully at my 36 week scan it had moved so i was able to give birth naturally.

    I was told if it hadnt moved then I would be getting a planned c-section at 37/38 weeks

  • Whether or not you will have to have a c-section will depend on the policy of your NHS trust.

    I went for my 32 week scan the other day and had a new sonographer who had just moved from a neighbouring authority. He said that because my placenta was within 5cm of the cervix I would need to have a hospital birth and probably a c-section. I was horrified as I am planning a home water birth. He said I would need to have another scan at 36 weeks or an internal scan that day.

    He must have sensed the shock, as he went to check this out, and came back saying that my NHS Trust actually only said this was a requirement if the placenta was within 2cm, not 5cm. As mine is 3.5cm he said there was no need to worry. Apparently textbooks give 5cm as a recommended measurement.

    Good luck
  • thanks ladies i have my 36 week scan in two weeks so fingers crossed
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