I think I'm going backwards, wen I started my pregnancy I had no symtoms now as I am getting futher along the nausea is becoming unbearable. I cant stand the sight, smell or texture of food and yesterday I cudn't even brush my teeth without heaving. Is it usual to start of fyn and have the symtoms get worse, coz im now 10 and half weeks and wud be expecting this sort of thing to get better. Any else had similar probllems Kerry xxxxx


  • Hi Kerry
    I have had the same - is awful!!! This is my second but with first I had no sickness till about 10 weeks then I was really sick through to about 15 weeks - couldn't keep anything down and even non-food items made me sick (perfumes and that sort of thing). This time I have been quite lucky and had about 3 weeks of feeling queasy but that passed at about 10 weeks.
    I'm really sorry to hear that your suffering - I'm sure it will pass real soon! Apparently the 10 week mark is the worst as it is when your hormones are the most concentrated in your blood but quickly wears off approaching 12 weeks.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel!!! Hope you feel better soon.
    Claudia xxx
  • im 17 weeks now and i still heave when i brush my teeth i hate that i still get a little sickness but not as bad as b4 tho thank god!!!
  • hi sorry if this makes you feel worse but i, 24 weeks and i still suffer from severe sickness and nausea and have done from day one of my pregnancy.
    This is my third child and with both of my boys i was fine no sickness at all, so i thought this was a girl and i found out the other day i was right.
    ive spent days at a time constantly being sick the docs have given me phenagan which helps a little but you acn only take two a day.
    Hope yours sickness settles down soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy more.
  • I was really sick last time and I had a girl - this time not had too much sickness, maybe I'm having a boy?
    Congrats on a girl - bet that will be lovely after two boys!!!
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