Boob Question!!

Since i found out i was pregnant (only 4 weeks) i have had sore boobs....however woke up this morning and there not hurting anymore so was wondering if this is ok?. The only reason im asking this is cos a friend had a m/c and her first symptom was that her boobs didnt hurt anymore followed by bleeding.
Any ideas?


  • same happened to me really tender boobs from b4 i found out i was pg and a few weeks in they just went back to normal its nothing to worry about im 28 weeks today and everything is fine xx
  • hi darling same happened to me, but after another week or two they got really sore again. its all normal i guess our bodys are just going up down up down constantly! lol
    my boobs went from being what i would call normal shaped 32c cup to being a west and east pointing heavy 34d cup in just eight weeks. sarah 20weeks
  • I've had no symptoms other than sore boobs and a missed AF. However sore boobs disappeared and now I, luckily, have no other symptoms. Ocassionally at night I think my boobs are tender but then it goes away over night.
    I've had the same worries but I keep being reassured by others that this is totally normal.
    I've had no bleeding and I'm now 8wk+3. Suz x
  • Mine were soooo painful when i found out (4 weeks) then the pain suddenly stopped a few weeks later and now im 23 weeks with no boob pain at all.
    Its perfectly normal, try not to worry.
    Lis x
  • Same here hun....really sore then nothing. I'm now 26 weeks and suffering itchy nipples!!!

    Katie and bambino x x x
  • I had the same thing - all my symptoms stopped at 5 weeks(especially sore boobs) followed by cramps and then bleeding at six weeks but I'm now 34 weeks and all is well (touch wood) - Everyone is different and I'm sure you'll be fine hun, xxx
  • Don't worry. I was the same, horrifically sore boobs, couldn't walk down stairs without holding them, even wearing sports bra, then about 10-11 weeks they stopped hurting, been lucky they haven't been bad since. Now 24+5

    Em x
  • Same here.Soreness for a few weeks then stopped for a week or two then sore again!! I've gone from a 32b to a 38c!! My boobs are well bigger than my bump and giving me more back ache!! Itchy nipples too (sorry if tmi) and I'm only 20 + 3! Never had any of this with the other 3!!
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