Our shortlist of baby names!

Hi all

Thanks for your help on baby names! Hubby got really excited whenever someone posted a reply, he even created a BE voting system bless him!

Thought I would tell you we have short-listed to the following 2 favourites for each, but have another 2 of each that we really like too.

Boys... Oscar Jack XXXXX and Angus Fraser XXXXXX
Girls... Daisy Beth XXXXX and Ava Beth XXXXXX

Joo xxx


  • i like oscar jack and daisy beth the most. but ava is really pretty to. xxx
  • Lovely!

    Well done you, we just CANNOT decide on any names we both like! Am beginning to think baby wont be named for a while! Which Hubby likes the idea of as he knows it will annoy everyone!

    Might just have to name baby myself!
  • Daisy i prefer over Ava, but love both the boys names, tho think Angus slightly takes the win
  • All those names are fantastic choices
    I like Oscar Jack and Ava Beth very cute x


  • I LOVE Oscar!!! It is one of my favorite names but my cousin is called Oscar, we are a really close family so he is not some distant cousin so I can't have it,
    I voted Daisy so I am feeling quite smug lol! I love both of them! Good choices and congrats to Mr Joo for his highly efficient voting system!
  • I love Oscar, our little chap will be Oscar Thomas and I love Daisy.

    Viki x x
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