miscarrage risk???

hi everyone,
i recenlty went for an early scan due to pains that were too simlar to a mmc last sept to ignore.
i found out i was 9+1 and baby was healthy and having a good wriggle. i was wondering if anyone knew if the chances of miscarrying would have gone down?




  • Yes, they do go down quite a bit, I think it's about 5%, or 3%, something like that, which is much reduced! I had a scan at 9+1 too due to bleeding and I'm now 24 weeks x
  • oh thats good news! its horrible thinking its gone wrong isnt it, im still having bad pains but they cant test me for anything because they dont want to risk things. i dont mind any pain as long as baby is ok so ill live with it! image
    feel much better now!! good luck with the rest of your preg
  • Tigerlily is right, I can't remember the exact percentages but I think that once a hearteat has been seen the miscarrige risk drops to something like 1%.
  • Hiya shaz, I had 2 mcs previously and had to have an early scan in this pregnancy at 7 weeks, saw heartbeat everything was fine. Went for another scan today and im 12+5. Once a heartbeat has formed the chance of miscarriage drops as much as it does when you reach the 12 week stage. (Hope that makes sense!) Dont worry hunni, things will be fine! xxx
  • Hi shaz
    I'm due same day as you. I've had three previous mc and one beautiful boy now 2 1/2 years old. Went on the 21st of dec and had a scan and heartbeat was detected put me at ease straight away. Now killed with heartburn don't like to complaim but it's great because at least it is a strong symtom and therefore a strong pregnancy?
    So for yours and mine sake i hope all are right about the chances of miscarrage after heartbeat is pressent.
  • i had a early scan at 8 weeks as iv previsly had a mc. heard the heatbeat on the scan so they said you chanced decrease! theres a very small percent now! love hayley xx 19 -3 days
  • aww thank you everyone!
    mikayla - you make perfect sense and it sounds good to me!
    squawhenry - oooo! same day as me! summer babies. no heartburn for me but really queasy at night time image

    sorry to hear about your previous mc everyone its horrible but good luck for these ones!

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