Weird Pains

I know there must be a million posts about pains in pregnancy is another!
I am 10+5 today and for the last couple of days have been having really weird pains all around my uterus.
They aren't severe but have been pretty constant. It is a bit like trapped wind mixed with the pain you get when you have a stitch. I also have quite a few pains in my hips, almost like a dragging feeling.
I do have sciatica which causes me a lot of bakc pain - could this be affecting pains in my front?

Do you girls think these are normal stretching pains? They have been going on for a couple of days so I don't know if that is normal.
This is my 2nd but I can't remember how I felt when pregnant last time!!


  • I have had loads of aches and pains throughout this pregnancy, some I was quite worried about but turned out to just be stretching.

    Im sure everything is fine, but if your really concerned might be worth giving your midwife a call xx
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