Sorry in advance, a bit gross


I know you are supposed to get constipation throughout your pregnancy, but has anyone else suffered with the other, poop related problem?!
I have had diarrhoea off and on throughout my entire pregnancy (am 32+1 now) and over the last week or so everything seems to go straight through me. I'm not really feeling ill, being sick or having cramps so I don't want to bother the doctor unnecessarily (and my midwife just refers me back to him for everything) but is this normal? There doesn't seem to be much about it in the books at all.
At my last check at 30 weeks I was measuring under by 1-2 weeks and the midwife didn't seem bothered, but they didn't write the measurement down at 28 weeks so I have no idea how much I had grown in between. I'm not due to see her again until 33 weeks and so now I'm worried that the baby isn't growing properly (although my Husband assures me that I am huge!). Baby is moving around lots though, so I think that's a good sign.



  • iv had exactly the same prob, where iv had an upset stomach on and off, yet baby is measurin ahead and midwife doesnt seem concerned. if you are really concerned go to the gp - whats the worst that can happen, itl at least put your mind at rest. xxx
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