12 weeks pregnant!

Hello all, I am currently 12+4 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I'm unsure as to when you feel the baby move, kick, punch etc! LOL!! With my first I didn't feel her kick til 21 weeks which I have heard is quite normal. But more than 5 people have said you feel your baby kick a lot earlier when its not your first one. Just wondering when you felt yours.

Thanks! x


  • hi garfield, congratulations! im 22+4 with my 1st lo and i felt him move like little bubbles popping at 16 weeks and then the bigger kicks came at around 19 weeks. my friend is pg with her second lo and said she could feel him at 15 weeks. everyones probably diffrent but you know what to look out for now and dont worry if you dont feel lo earlier, those kicks will come image
  • Hi Garfield, This is also my second baby and i felt the "bubbles" sensation at around 12wks and cud feel full blown twists and turns at around 14wks. However i felt movement quite early with my first baby as well, and i think all women are different. Im 27+ now and my family sit there watching my entire belly moving from side to side and can feel the kicks and punches. Iv got a very active one here, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Hi, I'm 30 weeks with my 2nd baby and with 1st felt movement at around 18 weeks, and 14 weeks with this one. Probably because I know what to look for this time whereas I didn't know whether it was my own tummy rumbling before.
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