Is anyone else the same as me?

I have LOADS of stretchmarks, despite not putting on lots of weight (1st 7). They're awful and are on my hips and thighs as well as like a roadmap on my bump!

And they are soooo itchy, aaarrrrrgh. I just want to scratch my skin off! I can feel there's a rash cos my skin's bumpy but can't really see what its like cos of all the stretchmarks. I asked my midwife today but she just said to use cocoa butter to moisturise the skin because the stretching is making it itchy. But it hasn't seemed to help, in fact it makes it itchier!

Any miracle products?


  • try camoline lotion, should soothe it 4 u huni xx
  • Hi Tiger Lily
    I've been lucky so far, but have been getting that itching! I use the Palmers cocoa butter as often as i can....get to tired in the evening to remember! But also put baby oil in my bath & sometimes rub a bit extra on when i get out! Be careful getting in/out of bath tho...i know thats obvious, but just in case!!
    Sarah xx
    PS...a friend of mine has been using Bio Oil as was fed up of her stretchmarks & its literally made them disappear...this is 9years after her youngest was born!?
  • hi tiger lily, i used bio oil at first but it gave me spots on my belly so stopped using it. now i use vitamin e body butter from body shop, though i have got stretch marks under my boobs in past few weeks!
    they are bloosy itchy arent they, mine see mto itch more when i have clothing on them so when you put your cream on try and leave your clothes off till its dried in. easier said than done i know when its so bloody cold!!
  • Hi tiger lily, like listef I tried bio oil but came out in a nasty rash. I was reccommended Aqueous cream by the pharmist in boots and have found it really good so far. U can put it in your bath (be careful though as can make it slippy) and can also be used in place of soap. I have been putting loads on every night and morning and have really seen a difference in the itchiness. U can get 500g jars in superdrug for ??2.19 so really good bargain too!
    Tammi xxx
    28 weeks
  • I found one next to my belly button yesterday image

    Oh well - no doubt first of many and worth it when I think I'll have my little baby at the end.

    It's annoying though because I've been moisturising with cocoa butter and bio oil and not put on too much weight. That said I have read that moisturising only helps with texture and appearance and will not determine whether you actually get them or not because it isn't entirely to do with the skin's elasticity rather than the rapid expansion combined with your hormones affecting the placement of fats (which is why girls often get some stretch marks during puberty). My bump has seen a rapid growth spurt this last fortnight so that may explain it. As I understand it Bio Oil helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks rather than preventing them altogether.
    25 weeks today
  • Hey tiger lilly

    I also have loads of strechmarks, apparently its luck of the draw, and they scar under the skin tissue so moisturiser doesnt really help. . however for the itchiness i found baby oil helped. They have come back with avengence with my second pregnancy. im gonna start telling people ive been bitten by a shark! xx

  • Hi, as a Beauty Therapist, I always recommend using Bio Oil for existing stretch marks - it fades them over time and really is good - the only thing I know of that actually works. I answered another post this morning saying that it takes weeks and months rather than days to work, so use it every day and eventually it will fade them.

    For anyone who hasn't yet got any stretchmarks, slap on the Palmers Cocoa Butter (stretchmark one) as this will make your skin more supple. As someone else said, if you're gonna get them, your gonna get them unfortunately, but we can help nature along!

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