so upset, im being pathetic!!!

SInce i met my other half we have always want to call our little boy Jacob... My cousin has just had a maybe and they are thinking of calling him jacob, im sitting her in tears!!!!

I have always wanted that name!!! WHY do they have to go and have it

Someone knock sme sense into me!!



  • your not pathetic at all, i would probably be upset if i was in your situation. not really sure what you can do though hun, maybe tell her thats what you are going to call your baby and she might change her mind spesh if her not got her heart set on it like you and your OH have. Hope you manage to sort it.

  • aaw StephS,

    dont worry you can still call your little one jacob, i am calling my little man Archie but my cousin also has an Archie, were not copying off them we just love the name, i have to say though that my cousin does live quite a way from us and i have never actually seen his son! but still i wouldnt worry, do you know if you are defiantely having a boy?

    Nina 29wks x
  • I will be 8 weeks on tuesday so still very early days!! If he does decided call him Jacob we wont be able to call our son (if we have a boy) they will say we copied them it will cause arguements... Its just typical!!

  • awwww hunni, i had exactly the same problem when pregnant with my eldest!!! I stupidly told family what name i'd chosen for my lo as we knew we were having a boy, there were 3 of us pregnant at the time and as i was due first, didn't think there would be a problem, one of the girls had a section 4 days b4 my son was born and decided that she LOVED the name Joshua after hearing my family talking about it.....did it put me! My son is still called Joshua and all my family knew that was what we were going to call our lo Joshua, so Joshua he is. don't worry about it too much hun, u might even be havin a girlie which will remove the problem altogether!!!! since that episode i have kept all my lo's name ideas secret and no one bar very close friends even gets a sniff of what they are until lo is born and named!!!! xxxx
  • Tell your cousin that if your having a boy you are going to call him Jacob and that you wanted to let him know in case they were uncomfortable with it. Don't pick a different name though, if they are bothered by it they can pick a different name for their son.
  • you are not being pathetic hun.
    Me and OH can't agree on a name and i get really upset as i know what i would love for little one to be called but he's determined i'm not getting my way! I will just have to play the "but i just gave birth" card and majorly guilt trip him into my way of thinkng when LO gets here lol.
  • aww u can still call him jacob hun i hate that it happend to me with my little girl and now i dont tell any1 i know what im gona call my babys cos they tend to jack ur name xx
  • so sorry hun

    i had the same i always insisted i would call my baby Ruby Lea if it was a little girl and my cousin went and called hers Ruby Mary so thats gone out of the window for me!! and i dont like any more girls names so if i have a girl im screwed for names xxxxx
  • I say feck these people and call your baby what you want but right now you don't even know if it will be a problem and I always wanted to call my daughter Sapphron until I actually had a daughter then it changed and her name is Emily Vera so you just don't know its early days and you may change your mind or come across a name you like better in your travels. If not call your baby what you want. Honestly why not let them know it is what you wanted to call your baby for a long time. They are only thinking about Jacob anyway they still might call him something else.
  • i had exactly the same problem, my cousin was due in may and i was due in september and i said we'd decided on Jensen for a boy and Jessica for a girl....she told me how much she hated the name Jessica but when her little girl was born she called her JESSICA, i was fummmminggggg!!! luckily Jensen arrived in september so all was fine after that lol x
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