braxton hicks.......

if your braxton hicks get alot more frequent, i mean they have gone from once a day to five-six times a day, does that mean im getting closer to actually starting? im only 27weeks, and although the hicks are really irritating and uncomfortable, they are more frequent now, sometimes ill have five six a aday and its a little scary, i wont be seeing my midwife before i go to ireland and then i have to wait two weeks as ive booked an appointment at my local hospital to get registered etc, for a scan and bloods again, pissed off ill have to do it all again but i dont really mind.

anyway, is it normal for them to get more and more frequent, or should i be getting myself hospital to check all ok?


  • It can be normal for you to have that many all the way through, I was getting them that often from 6 weeks! they have calmed down now - 30 weeks + 4 days. I think you should just go get checked over anyway to be on the safe side especially as you have a bit of a wait till you get to Ireland

  • Hiya again lol!

    I have been getting about that many a day at the mo and I am due wk before you babe!

    I am such a numbhead I didnt even realise what they were lol

    This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have forgotton so much, the other week in Mothercare I scared the shit out of the poor assistant coz I had my first one and I didnt realise what it was. I was doubled up and then bursting for a wee! The poor girl thought I had gone into labour. I can look back and laugh now but at the time I thought I had an alien bursting through my belly!

    Love Lee
  • thanks babe it good to know someone else has as many as i do, but ive booked appiontment for midwife for tomorrow morning to get double checked that baby ok in there until i get to ireland for my appointment.
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