Be thankful for those scans!!

I was in Boots recently with my lo's, and an elderly lady stopped for a chat. She asked how old lo's were and when I replied 3 and 1, she said that at one point she had had 4 girls under the age of 3. Apparently she had a 2yr old and a 1yr old, and was in labour with her 3rd. The midwife felt her tummy and said "I think there might be more than one in there". Sure enough, she went on to have twin girls!!

Imagine not knowing you were having twins until just before you popped!! So b4 you get frustrated at the sonographer pressing on your bursting bladder at your next scan, spare a thought for the 'granny generation' who were left in the dark, even about how many they were carrying, unti the last moment and thank your lucky stars for scans! ;\)


  • I think I would have had a heart attack! image

    I know what you mean, even my mum didn't have many scans in her 2 pregnancies (me and my sis are 19 and 18) she only got one with me to check she was pregnant (she was 24 weeks!!)
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