My Skin

Is still really bad, its really itchy and full of spots. You cant see the spots but I can feel them under my skin. They are all down my jawline and even behind my ears.

I've stopped using my day/night cream as I thought it might have been making it worse but 2 weeks later and its still just as bad. Even my scalp is itchy, but its just where my skin is not actually my head (if you understand that).

I didnt have this with my daughter, not sure if I should mention it to the midwife next week or just see what happens. Anyone else had good skin before and now have terrible skin?

Maybe I will bloom soon :roll:

AnneMarie xxx


  • Hi!
    I'm suffering from terrible skin during my pregnancy, I never had flawless skin to start and when I fell pregnant i though 'great I'll get a glowing complexion' How wrong was I?! I was prescribed some topical anti-biotics at my 16 week check up,I didn't use it but my skin has got better, although only in the past few weeks (I'm 29+1 today) I think it's just hormones.This post probably hasn't offered any advice at all, but at least you know you're not alone!xx
  • The skin on my back is awful!I have to have OH scrub it in the bath every night ! Dreading wearing summer tops when the weather gets warm!

    hopefully we will bloom soon hey !xxx
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