crazy dreams

has anyone else been having really wierd dreams? ive heard that it is normal whilst ur pregnant but i have been having really vivid ones!! last nite i dreamt that i gave birth to twins, and when i got home there was 4 of them, not 2!! does anyone know what causes these or is it just one of them random pregnant things?!?! lol!!

16 weeks + 2


  • I have been having horrible dreams for the past couple of nights, one when i was in labour for 10 days and one when i gave birth on the loo!!! i had to pull the baby back out of the loo!! weird!! lol!!

    Leigh x
  • There have been loads of reports of women dreaming they are giving birth to animals like cats and dogs etc. This might be due to the increased amount of blood flow to the brain while pregnant or it could be that many women have worries throughout pregnancy and it all comes out when your alseep through very real vivid dreams.

  • i have had a couple of dreams like yours julie-ann, but it wasnt horrific or anything. they start with me seeing a foot or hand sticking out of my bump which i touch, and then realise i can grab it and pull it until an arm comes out. then its like well im gonna have him now then and pull him out. leaving a little hole about a cm round or so.. and baby is fine! yeh they r really vivid too so quite often i want to get back to sleep so i can cuddle baby again!

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