Holiday After Maternity leave?

Hiya Ladies and Bumps hope ur all ok!!
I was just wondering if any of you know when u return to work after maternity leave are you still entitled to your new holiday?


  • I only accrue 3 months of holiday in my maternity leave............I think it is different each place, worth asking as I thought I got my 4 weeks, but I dont :\(
  • I work for the NHS and am still entitled to accrue my full holiday allowance for the year providing I return to work following mat leave and complete the year (ie, dont leave shortly after returnig).
  • ok hun thank u for your reply i will have to ask xx
  • Yes - you are entitled to it - you need to request it asap to ensure they can approve it in time. They can decoline if business needs are greater.
  • I'm taking 9 months official maternity leave but will use 4 weeks holiday before I go and then will be converting the rest to part time hours (I do 37 at the moment but plan to go back for 25) to give me an extra 5 weeks off when that finishes. This means I can have 11 months off and only be on reduced pay for the 3 months of SMP during my official maternity leave. I hope that makes sense!

    Bec 29+5 x
  • Thats a good idea bec, i might see about doing that. I'm taking 4weeks leave before starting mat leave. Then having either 9or 12months off depending on money. Then i'll have another 6weeks leave to use-ill add 3weeks onto the end of mat leave then keep the other 3 for a holiday later in the year. The hardest decision is knowing how long to have as mat leave. Why cant they just pay you full pay for a year!?
  • I've booked off 9 months in total, but the last month is holiday - as it falls in December, I'm not using very much actual holiday - its all bank holidays and time we get off at Christmas anyway etc. Will be painful returning to work in January though!

  • you should be entitled to it, but each company has there own policies!!

    i saved up all my holidays so had 3weeks before my maternity leave and then took the other 3weeks before i was due to go back... went back for 6month then found out it was the worst mistake of my life... and left!
  • I think you still accrue leave, I know I do, My problem has been using all my leave as i've been off sick a lot with this pregnancy, so I will probably take 4-5 wks off at the end of my mat leave. (I'm currently signed off, and my mat leave starts at 36 wks.)

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