Back from yet another hospital visit in limbo!

Am 35wks today. Just got back from yet another trip to the hospital! Woke up early hours of this morning with severe itching to my hands and feet, which i have had for some time but it had eased off yet has come back strong (had OC with my daughter just over a year ago so its highly likely im going to get it again) but if that wasnt enough noticed some blood when i wiped myself after going to the loo. Have been really unwell recently with a seven day sickness bug so know i was a little dehydrated but also had noticed that my wee was very dark orange. Called my local birth centre and they advised me to go round to the hospital so off me and my partner trotted after having to get my mum round to look after our other daughter. They said i have plus 3 protein in my urine which is high but my BP was fine. Had an internal done and they couldnt see where the bleeding had come from but said it had stopped. They wanted to keep me in over night and do a liver ultra sound in the morning to check my gall bladder but luckily the on duty consultant did one today which came back fine and they also scanned the baby and he is completely fine and is the right size for 35wks. She said she was happy for me to go home for the rest of today but i have to go round to my local birth centre in the morning to get my urine checked again and my BP done and to go round to the day assessment unit on wednesday for a fetal heart screening. Still awaiting my blood results from today, ASTs and bile acids (which can take up to 10 days to come back, still waiting for ones back from last monday, grrrr!). I just feel in limbo at the mo as i suppose until they get my bile results they cant diagnose me but the itching is bad and generally just feel crap. Does anyone know what the earliest they usually deliver if you have OC as when i had it with my daughter i didnt get it til i was 36wks and they got my bile acid results the day i turned 37wks so induced me striaight away coz they were so high, just wondered what they do if you get it earlier.


  • hi my youngest is now 12 days old and my oldest is 2 and i had oc with both pregnancies. With my oldest i started itching at 31 weeks and was induced at exactly 37 weeks, this time i started itching at 26 weeks and was induced at exactly 36 weeks. .it should never take 10 days to get your blood results back, i got results back on the same day a few times when my itching suddenly got worse. As you know OC is so serious you should push for those results especially as you have had it before, i would have thought they would have got the results back straight away.
    I'm sorry if i have worried you but the hospital should take this a lot more seriously.
    I hope you are ok, i can really sympathise with you-the itching just drove me mad!! i didn't sleep for weeks.

  • Its rubbish about my bile acids, apparantely they have to be sent away to winchester (i live in portsmouth) and it takes between 7-10days to get them back. Im still waiting for the ones i had last monday to come back let alone the ones i had done today. The hospital also told us they would ring with my blood results this afternoon but as per usual didnt bother grrrr, dont think they appreciate how it feels to be waiting at home for them! Were your ASTs always high from 28wks as mine have been ok (although going up higher each time) but under 40 yet last night and today have been the worst itching i have had in this pregnancy. I didnt realise they would induce as early as 36wks, scary as thats only a week away! Were your biles and ASTs really high for them to do that?
  • thats terrible about your bloods taking 10 days i had mine done wedsday for itching and had results back thursday luckily i got the all clear hopefully you will get the same good luck
  • Hi,
    Just thought I would add on from this. I have just experienced the same problem with OC. i wasn't aware of the condition or how serious it was until i got the call from the second doctor the day after the blood test.
    I had been itching from the end of 36 weeks, when I saw my gp she just sent me off with some cream. It was only when I went back just over a week later that a different doctor sent me for blood tests. They had them back the next day, and was sent straight down to the hospital for them to induce me as they would not take the chance of leaving the baby. I had just turned 38 weeks, usually the latest they wait is 37 weeks, but if your results are coming back high they will induce you as soon as due to the risk to baby. Def chase them up or keep going back to the hosp saying that there is lack of baby movements as that is one of the signs to look out for, which they will not ignore.
    Hope they sort things out quickly for you.
    Jules x
  • Aw thanks, i had the same sort of thing with my daughter last january, i went to the hospital with severe itching at 36wks, they took bloods but said they would take days to come back and just sent me packing. When i got home my partner had been on the net researching the condition and marched me back to the hospital demanding i was put on that drug to reduce bile acids which they did. My bile results came back very high 5 days later and the consultant induced me there and then, luckily my daughter was fine. This time have been getting the itching on and off so have had loads of blood tests but they have been coming back ok, it had eased off for a week or so but last night and today its been awful as bad as it was with my daughter. I really hope i get my results back soon as fed up with how long they take.
  • Just posted on your itching topic, brought up with them today why they werent testing my ALTs but my ASTs and they said they dont test the ALTs. They didnt with my daughter either. Its a joke when im still waiting for my blood bile results from LAST MONDAY, grrrr, getting so annoyed with them especially as they were meant to call this afternoon with the results and didnt bother.
    Quick question, did your itching ever ease off and then come back? As i only really had it for a week with my daughter and then was induced didnt really know from that but have had itchiness on and off from 29wks but then it eased off about a wk ago but last night came back ten times as bad and its still mega bad now so god knows what its going to be like when i actually want to go to bed! Seems like early hours of the morning is the worse time and its only on my hands and feet like with my daughter, obviously have the occasional itchiness to other parts of my body but thats just normal itching i think as its not that burning horrible itch that you scratch and it gets 100 times worse!
  • With mine I only really noticed it from week 36, but that may have just been because it was so bad. Mine wasn't as bad during the day, but by the time night came it was driving me insane. I found the emolient cream helped ease it from my arms and back, but the creams made my feet worse. If it has been getting worse this weekend, i would def go back to them as it could be hitting its peak. x
  • Aww sweetie, i really do sympathise! Thats so bad that the results take that long. Mine come back within 2-3 hours!! As for induction, I think hospital policy on this differs, so the best thing to do would be to have a chat with your consultant and find out what they will do for you.
    Just thought i'd mention, i've actually found something that helps a little, i got a spray from boots, its like a cooling mist spray thing that you'd use to cool your skin in hot weather? It doesnt take the itch away totally, but it does help a little! It was especially nice on my feet and face, which have been driving me round the bend! Hope you feel better soon hunny xxxxxx
  • I cant think what its called! Its like an aerosol but it sprays you with cold water, its lovely! Have a look in boots, mine was on offer in the sale aisle, probably because its more popular in the summer!
  • Just trundled up the stairs, its called hot weather cooling spray! Boots own. OH informs me there is also one called magimist xx
  • Oh and i just checked, you can get it on boots website, ??3.81, i think i might get myself a crate!! x
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