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i have just finished watching a free dvd that i got as part of the SMA baby club. its called newborn know how and i thought it was really informative and answers all the little questions about stuff that you never really get told. little details like how you should boil the water you clean around babys eyes with. i never knew!! even if you know loads (as i thought!!) i am so going to get the oh to watch it!! u can sign up on the sma nutrition website. hope this might help someone!

love grace and girl bump 31 weeks 4 days xxx


  • thanks will have a look
  • hey Grace i watched that one WEEKS ago and still watch it occassionally to help me remember lol it was extremely informative especially for me as the only dealings i had were with my nephew in '95 so ass you can imagine a lil hard to recall lol. plus on that ithad several tips and stuff on car seat fitting and what not... (although when i got OH to watch it he picked fault in the car seat fitting as she put it behind the passenger and yet it should be behind driver *rolls eyes* like he knows it all) its his 1st too and the only experience he's had is with his niece 7yrs ago.
  • Is this the one with Kirsty from Location, Location, Location? xx
  • yea, kirsty allsopp. lol about the oh. men eh?!? its either their way or the wrong way!! pmsl! xx
  • Hi, thanks for passing that on, I've just ordered one. I've already got a daughter, but she's 14, so I feel like I've forgotten more than I ever knew! I'm sure it'll be very helpful. I'll get hubby to watch it too, as this will be his first baby.
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