raspberry leaf tea

when is it you can take it from and what does it actually do?


  • Hi,

    Its supposed to help soften your cervix, my midwife has advised not to take it before 36 weeks. You can get it as tea or capsules and I have been told the capsules are better as the tea is vile!!

    Liz x
  • Ive been taking the tablets from 32wks they say you can start taking them any time in your last 2 months xxx
  • Hi I think its around the 37 week mark, I drank the tea which was an axquired taste, it did work for me in the respect I had a very quick labour good luck x
  • I've read in 2 places to start taking it from 34 weeks. I've just started on the bags and i'm 35 weeks. I must be weird cos i think it tastes quite nice x
  • Starting on it today as my mw said from 35wks! Think that eveyones opinion differs as to when you can start to have it, just hope i'm weird to and like it!!
  • The advice on when to start taking them & how much to take seems to vary greatly.

    I started taking the tablets at 32 weeks with my 1st so I done this again this time too. I started on them gradually (the 400mg ones) & built them up til I was taking 2 tablets 3X a day. When I reached 37 weeks I got the 640mg ones & continued to take 2 tablets 3X a day.

    According to alot of the information I've read there doesnt seem to be any evidence to suggest that it actually brings on labour but there is some evidence to show that it shortens the 2nd stage of labour. This would def ring true to my previous experience of using it with my 1st baby. I went 4 days overdue but my 2nd stage of labour only lasted 15 minutes which I was told was quick for a 1 st baby though whether or not this was down to the raspberry leaf or not is anyones guess. Nevertheless I'm still using it this time- just incase!!

    Hilary x
  • great thanks everyone, does anyone know if it can be taken with a previous caeserean, as i was wondering if it would have any affect on my scar.
  • I think if you have had a previous c-section you would be best to phone your mw & ask her for her opinion coz I have heard of people that have been advised not to take it & then I've heard of others who were told it wouldnt do any harm so I think you'd be better asking professional advice on this just to be on the safe side.

    Sorry I'm not able to help

    Hilary x
  • thats ok, was planning to ask her on monday anyway. thanks anyway x
  • hi,
    I would recommend the tea to everyone.
    I started on one cup a day at 37 weeks and increased to bout 4 per day by week 40!!!
    Was only 2 days overdue and had relatively quick labour at 7 hours.
    Not sure if was tea to thank but would use it again next time, certainly didn't do any harm and made me feel was doing something towards getting baby out!
    good luck.
    Laura xx
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