not been about for a few days

So I thought I would explain why.

I collapsed while out on Monday morning and got rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Not a pretty sight.

Was in soooo much pain etc I couldn't stand straight.
Have been let home today and been told that as of now i am on rest till Grace arrives.

Yeah right, as if that is possible.

She iss fine, all seems OK pregnancy wise, the pains they think are coming from the Pelvis and is being caused by the arthritis. Something I was expecting but not quite so soon.
I am on Morphine again now and Grace really doesn't like it much.

She has been active but not as much as normal.
My BP was playing silly buggers this morning too and come ina t 76/35... NICE.

Still I am home now and as I logged i I noticed i am now on 99 days till my expected C-Section date.



  • Hi,
    I hope you are feeling a little better now! Sounds like your having a really bad time! Have they mentioned moving your c-section forward or just told you to stay at home?? And will you be on morphine until she arrives now or until the pain settles down?
    Take care and look after yourself!!
    Lydia xxx
  • I shall be on morphine now till she is born probably. I am only 23 weeks so got 14 weeks till they are on about delivering her.The midwife said they will try and keep her in till the suggested 37 weeks but that I may end up being in hospital the last month of my pregnancy, which is a small price to pay.
  • Bloody hell!!!

    You are having a right old week of it aint you! Sorry if dumb question but how do you take the morphine? Is it a tablet? You seem pretty stubborn in the "taking it easy" dept - werent you told to do that before lol but you really need to try mate! Cant imagine what you been through - but at least try a little resting ???? I know its easier said than done with little ones but will it not hold off being in hospital for a month? If anyone who knows me sees this they would be screaming pot and kettle at me so I do know its hard mate honestly but I would dread spending that long in hospital - have you had to do it before?
  • Yeah when I was having Jack and Ash, they totalled up my hospital stay and from 26 weeks i spent about 11 weeks in hospital on and off.

    I take Oramorph so it is liquid chick. Yeah I wad really good as well, didn't do anything all weekend, actually I couldn't get out of bed at all on Sunday. Popped to the shop monday morning and just lost it.
    I only had a magazine in my hand LOL.

    Nah, the month in hospital will be the last month regardless I think so they can monitor me and control the pain. Obviously, they say the last month but if it gets too much for me to handle at home I will have to go in sooner.
  • Bloody hell - you really are used to hospital stays then!

    Hope the morphine helps - I think im allergic or I would be asking for it (bloody SPD) but just wondered how you took it - Nosy bitch really lol

    Glad to hear you was trying to take it easy anyway!

    Take care!!!!
  • Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I think I would go mad if I had to spend so much time in a hosp!

    Good luck, and hope all goes well for you xx

  • Oh no you're not having a good time at all are you?!?

    I really don't blame you hating being on rest - I could not stand it!! And as for hospital I bloody hate the place, don't want to spend a second longer in there than I need to and I'm dreading the birth because of it!

    Hope u feel better soon xxx

  • Elsbeth-what a nightmare... I just hope you manage to hold it off till that last month!!
    Oramorph, if I remember rightly-it certainly slows you down a bit! I had spine surgery in Nov 06-turns out I'm allergic to intravenous morphine but oramorph was fine!!
    I hope things get back to as close to normal as possible for you-and take care!
    Lydia xx
  • Hi Elsbeth
    Hope your not feeling too fed up with it all & hope things get better! Guess there is only sooo much Jeremy Kyle you can watch!!
    You take care hun & keep us posted on how your doing
    Sarah xx
  • Oh mate, I have been home since I found out, I love Jezxa highlight of the day in there, oh that and guess what is for lunch lol.

    I also have MST lee, which is slow release morphine, same dose but over 12 hours, not so intense, but have to have the oral one for now.
  • Im a little bit confused Elsbeth sorry ( it doesnt take much ) im just under 99 days and im 26 weeks wheras you have said you are 23?? Im i wrong ? sorry ehehe xx
  • lol, i am having her delivered early due to the arthritis so that makes my due date sooner.
  • ah i got u. sorry, not the brightest spark x
  • Thats ok lol.

    I used to keep it on my EDD but coz I know she is coming early I decided to change it to the earliest date they said they would deliver her
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