Triple test results

Hi ladies, hope you are all well this chilly Friday afternoon!
I have recently had my triple screening test results back and although they are low risk, I wonder if they are not as low as perhaps they should be - or I would like them to be?? They are 1 in 6500 which considering I am only 23 I would have expected them to be even lower than that.

Have many of you had similar results or results you didnt expect? To be really nosey, what were your results and how old are you?

I know its an individual thing but Im intrigued to see what other people have been told.



  • hi mrsS, you hav a really good risk factor there, my mw told me that the average risk factor is about 1 in 1250 (in fact i got that exact figure in all my previous pregnancies i was 21, 23 and 24). i've been informed that i am high risk in this pregnancy with a risk factor of 1 in 100 and i'm 27.
  • I'm 36 and mine came back 1:1650 or something like that...

    So better than the default for my age but still not that marvellous
  • Hiya, this is the reason why I didn't have any tests done in my last pregnancy. Even if the said to me your risk factor is 1 in a billion i would still panic that I am that 1 in a billion! My OH really wanted all the tests going last time and he does again this time and I am worried I will give in and then spend my whole pregnancy thinking the baby has something wrong with it no matter what the results are!
    1 in 6500 is a good low risk factor though from what I gather from things I have read and heard.Try not to worry yourself and visualise that happy healty baby in your tummy!
    Hannah xxx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies,
    I realise that I am being irrational as I am still low risk, just would have like to have been lower, like yours Katie!!!

    Oh well, as it said in my letter, I will have my 20 week scan soon which should show any obvious problems (hopefully none!!!). I will put this to the back of my mind now I think, no point worrying over it I suppose as even those in the high risk category, the majority of those are healthy.

    Thanks again ladies


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