Scan today and its a...........................

Can't believe i'm having another boy! i already have a 14 month old boy, will be so nice for him to have a little brother!
Was in the scan room for so long because he is such a lazy baby and stayed asleep the whole time! he did at the first scan and i had to move about to wake him up! tummy was so sore afterwards because she had to try so hard to see everything because he was curled up with his feet above his head!! gave us a great view of his boy bits tho!! :lol:

I would have loved a girl but still so pleased i have a healthy boy! and it also means that we don't have to move house or extend as soon as we would have if it was a girl as we only have a 2 bed house!
So Baby Jayden Thomas Farrell is on his way!!! image


  • Congratulations honey that's fantastic news and a beautiful name xx
  • Congratulations on your little boy hun! Love the name xx

  • Gatecrashing from TTC
    Congratulations to you! x
  • awww congrats huni!! im on boy number 5!! i love the name jayden but my cousin called her lil boy it so i cant have it-boo-hoo.
    luv clare

  • Thats fab I can't wait to find out xx
  • WOW 5 boys!!!!!!!!!!!
    I said to hubby will have to have a third see if we get a girl, he said no chance image
  • congrats hon! love the name.
    Ames x
  • Awww thats really great, they will grow up being such good friends. Love the name too! I've got two boys and am now having a girl, so keep working on your OH!! xxx
  • been thinking about ya recently wondering how ya are X. awww congratulations hun love the name .im having a boy to. x x
  • congratulations. xx
  • Congratulations, another boy!

    I would like a small ish gap between this one (our first) and our next and as I'm having a boy this time I think another boy close in age would be lovely!

    Bec 29+4 x
  • Congratulations and best wishes


  • Aww how lovely!!! Congratulations.....

    I bet it would be different if it were 2 girls you had, your OH would want to try for a boy lol

    Keep working on him xxx
  • Congrats honey that is wonderful news and such a lovely name as well image

    K xx
  • Thanks everyone!
    I'm so looking forward to having my lil boy! seems like such a long way away but it really does fly by!
    Keep thinking i can't believe this is my last pregnancy! love babies so much, just can't get my head round Jayden being the last one! lol
    Hi Crystal24!! hope your pregnancy is going well! (and everyone else of course!) congrats on your lil boy, thats great! i'm so happy for you!
    Glad everyone likes the name Jayden! hubby wasn't sure at first but couldn't think of anything himself and he now really likes the name! men! lol
    Samantha 21 weeks
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