weight iv put on

hi girls

i weighed myself yesterday for the first time since been preggers, im now 37 weeks. and i have put on about 1 1/2 stone.. i was 9.5 st now im 11st..

is this a lot? i dont think its too bad but would like opinions.

thanks :\)


  • I stopped weighing myself. But I weighed 9st and the last time I weighed myself I was 10st. I am all bump (and it's a small bump).

  • Crumbs girls I think you've both done fantastic to keep your weight gain down. I put on nearly 4 stone last preg and have put on 18lbs already this time and I'm only 15 weeks!
  • hi i have gained 1 stone 4 pounds and i am 31+4. in my first pg i gained 4 1/2 stone and 3 stone with my second.

    so i think im doing well this time

    kerry xxx
  • Can you believe this I haven't weight myself once.. I got weighted once at the hospital at the start and had lost a stone due to feeling ill, being sick, not wantting to eat.. but that's looooong since gone!
    Haven't got on a scales.. bit scared now! haha hope they don't force me anytime soon! image
  • I would say that was really good, im only 34wks and have put on 2stone. Hoping not to put anymore weight on from now until the end which shouldnt be too hard really coz my sickness has come back and im really struggling to eat anything at all. Kerry xxx

  • I think you are all doing really well. We haven't got scales at home, so I try and get on one when I see my midwife. I've put on about 1 stone so far and I am 28 weeks gone, but I am sure there is a lot more to come in the last few weeks, especially with me eating for two all the time. image

    Anyway, my midwife doesn't want people to weigh themselves because she believes everybody grows at their own rate and it doesn't really matter how big you are (within reason) as long as you are fit and healthy.

    Good luck to everybody. x
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