Ran out of space

The last week or 2 I have really been noticing my lo seems to have run out of space! Is this too early for it to happen?

I'm still feeling the same amount of movement, it's just different, like he is pushing on me rather than moving! xxx



  • I remember that feeling lol i was massive from about 34 weeks with my son.Dont worry they will adapt to lack of space, you will be more uncomfortable than them lol
  • hello,

    im 30+4 and my mw told me last wk at antenatal clinic, that my baby is at its peak for moving. As we head to the end of the third trimester there is less and less room for baby to move so you just feel kicks where baby stretches etc. This sounds it is what you are experiencing, I wouldnt worry.
  • Hi tigerlily i feel exactly the same as im about the same as u due day after u lol Im feeling soo fat now and like there isnt possibly anymore room in there ive been stuggling to breathe too as lack of space only thing is ive had a scan at 34 weeks an baby is only weighung about 31/2 pound anyway and is small (nothing to worry about my first was only 5lb14 at 42wks) i apparently am just a woman who has small babies even though im a large build u would think id have bigger babies or at least not feel like i have no space in there lol good luck tho im sure its normal Sophie 35+1 xx


  • Awww tiny babies are sweet though. My oh was born 5lbs 13 and looked so cute in all the photos. I think chubby babies are sweet too...my ohs baby cousin had rolls of fat on his neck but he was adorable! I haven't had problems breathing at all as my bump is sooo low, if I look at it head on in a mirror it looks like it is drooping! My baby hasnt engaged yet though - has yours? xxx


  • Hi, I am in the same boat, midwife says there is hardly any room left in there now, also because i am carrying all at the front there is a noticable droop to my tummy now, baby had got down to 1/5th engaged and has popped back out to 3/5ths, must have been the cold spell and it thought to hell with this it is warmer further up lol!! feet and lower calfs still swollen and one leg is a bit red but nothing to worry about still. Anyway work has put there foot down now and i have to leave at lunchtime on friday instead of next monday to rest, they held a night out for all staff for my leaving do last week(just in case i went off early in labour) 3 course meal all paid for with a free bar (shame i couldnt take advantage of that) and presented me with ??160 mothercare vouchers...bless em. Anyway i am ready now, so come on little one mummy and daddy are ready to meet you and put an end to all speculation of whether you are boy or girl.

    either 38+5 or 38 (they seem to be working on 2 dates on my card now) but mine is the 9th April
  • Think my baby has nearly run out of space already, the movements are more like stretching and pressing than kicking. It's exactly the same as first time around- all popping out at the front like a giant easter egg! It feels quite hard too so I think it's all baby...gulp! Am scared I'm growing a huge whopper but I love chubby babies...it's just the giving birth part that's scary!

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