Due 29th April

Is anyone else due around this time i'm sooo scared of the labour, am i just overreacting?image


  • Hey, I'm due on the 28th so had to say hi image
    Yup the thought of it is scary, but I'm sure it'll be fine and it's a very short time compared to a lifetime with our kids image xxx
  • Is this your first child i'm on my second think im worrying more because i know what to expect didnt have a good experiance the first time round, do u know what your having?:\)
  • Yeah, it's my first and I'm having a boy, do u know what ur having?
    It must be bad if ur worrying 2nd time round! Oh dear you've got me thinking now. lol. xxx
  • Hiya,
    I take it its your first!!!
    I'm not due til June but its my 3rd and the only advice I can give is - forget having any dignity lol but mainly "Go with the Flow" even if you dont want pain relief and its in your birth plan and you change your mind - go for it!
    Throughout the labour ALL decisions are yours.
    Everything will be worth it and forgotten the second your baby is put in your arms!
    Take care,
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • yea im having another girl, sorry didnt want to worry you i didnt worry at all the first time and i think it came a bit unexpected was in labour for 49 hrs and ended in theartre with a ventouse delivery you do forget everything when you see your baby again it cant be that bad im not good with pain and im willing to do it again lol still worrying about the pain tho lol :lol:
  • Sorry, I thought you sounded sooo scared it was your first lol
    You really went through it last time didnt you - no wonder you are scared. Hope it goes well for you this time hon x
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