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Hi girls,
Wondering if anyone can give me some advice. The only sleeping position that i'm finding comfortable at the moment is lying on my back. I'm worried about this as i have heard that sleeping like this reduces the amount of oxygen going to the baby. Is this true? I'm really making an effort to lie on my side. I've even bought a DreamGenii pregnancy pillow to try and stop me turning but even that's not stopping me-i wake up every morning lying flat on my back! Should i be worried?



  • I wouldnt worry too much hun as you get bigger you wont be able to sleep on your back anyway as your legs may go dead!! I find it easier to lie on my side now im bigger but at first was quite happy on my back - cant do it now though!


  • I am 34+3 and still find i wake up on my back. My hips ache if i sleep on my side.
    Its nothing to worry about.
  • i asked my mw about this the other week and she said sleeping on your side is better, but you should sleep however you feel comfortable. she says that at some stage later on the baby will dictate how you sleep anyway!

    i have always had pain sleeping on my left (not pg related), so i sleep on my right, but i get leg cramps so i need to move in the night and sometimes find myself on my back. hubby bless him keeps trying to roll me over. so now if i have to move away from my right, i put my pillow underneath my back so i'm sort of lying on my back but i'm slightly angled to the left. if that makes sense?!!

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