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first child standing, climbing, elbowing tummy!!!

hi i have a 3 year old, very active girl and i am 10 weeks preg and she is the type to climb all over me, rough play etc and wondered if anyone knows if i should be stopping her from leaning on my stomach etc...i have been trying to stop her and reminding her that there is a baby in there and she has to be careful (as i dont have a very noticable bump just jet, she forgets) . on one hand i dont want to overdo it with telling her off incase she gets jealous before baby is even here, buton the pther hand im worried is bad for the baby, can anyone help?


  • I'm now 30 weeks and my youngest 21 months has clambered all over me throughout only now as bump is quite big do I have to stop her sometimes, but don't think you should stop something that she has known as she wont understand why. Some of it depends on how you are feeling if you are feeling sick then maybe you need to find a way to distract her (not easy I grant) but it can be done.
  • Our little girl has just turned 2 & we had the same problems at the start but when we took her to the 1st scan with us my husband pointed out that there was a baby in mummys tummy & that was a picture of it on the screen. Then everytime she went to climb on me we just had to remind her about the baby & she has been fine ever since. Occassionally she bumps me by accident but as soon as shes done it she lifts up my t-shirt & says "Sorry baby"

    When we found out that it is another little girl we told her that the baby she was getting would be her wee sister & would be able to play with her. We also said that we were going to call her Zara so now she gets up every morning & comes straight into me & asks if she can talk to 'baby Zaa' Its so cute. I'm just hoping shes as keen when she arrives

    Hilary x
  • How cute, Hilary - especially about lifting up your T-shirt and saying "sorry baby"! How far gone were you when you told her you were expecting her brother or sister? How did you tell her? What about everyone else?
  • I have a six year old and a three year old- when I found out I was pregnant again I couldn't wait to tell them, especially the eldest as he had been begging me for a baby for ages!!

    He obviously understands and even wants to help me around the house at times coz he knows I'm getting less able (I am now 29+4). My daughter is quite a rough child and she climbs over me alot.

    I would try not to lift her anymore and I do try to tell her to be careful. When I was pregnant my mw gave me a telling off for lifting my son!! I also am wary tho of making her jealous so sometimes I wud just tell her shes hurting me.
  • My 22 month old little girl does the same, I'm 7 weeks gone We've tried to tell her to be careful, but I don't think she can get her head round the idea that there's a baby in mummy's tummy. So I just try and avoid a situation where she can jump on my tummy. Thats a good idea hilaryc to take her to the scans so she can understand better. That's what we'll do!
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